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Is it Worth Replacing Halogen Bulb With LED Headlight?

When it comes to the car headlight technology, halogen bulbs have been the standard for many years. However, many drivers are tired and frustrated with dim, yellowish light output of halogen bulbs and wondering is it worth to switch their OEM halogen headlight bulbs for LEDs?


The answer is YES. Many LED headlights have the same light-emitting position as halogen bulbs, which ensures the safety of the light pattern. The easy installation of LED bulbs allows car users to upgrade their halogen bulbs themselves.


If you plan to convert your halogen to LED headlight bulbs, this blog will provide you a complete guide.

(Structure of Halogen Bulb)

A halogen bulb is a type of incandescent bulb that contains a tungsten filament enclosed in a small quartz capsule filled with halogen gas, such as iodine or bromine. When an electric current is applied to the filament, it heats up and emits light.


When the driver turns on the headlights, electricity flows from the car’s battery to the headlight bulb. The electricity heats up the tungsten filament inside the bulb, causing it to emit light. The halogen gas inside the bulb helps to improve the bulb’s efficiency by recycling evaporated tungsten back onto the filament, reducing the rate at which the filament burns out.

What is LED Headlight Bulb?

(Structure of LED Headlight Bulb)

LED bulbs in a car work by converting electrical energy into light. LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode,” which is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current flows through it.

When you turn on your car’s headlights, an electrical current flows through a circuit that powers the LED bulbs. The current flows through a small chip inside the LED bulb called a diode. As the current flows through the diode, it excites electrons in the material, causing them to release energy in the form of photons, which are packets of light.

Is It Worth Converting Halogen With LED Bulb in Car Headlight?

Generally, converting your vehicle’s OEM halogen headlight bulbs to LEDs is possible and worth it.

However, you should also know the pros and cons after changing your halogen bulb to LED headlights.

Pros of LED Headlight Bulb Conversion

  • Upgraded Visibility
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Consume Less Energy Than Halogen
  • 6500K Attractive Look
  • No Time to Heat Up

Cons of LED Headlight Bulb Conversion

  • Inferior LED headlight bulbs often cause glare light
  • The Heat Sink Often Gets Hot
  • More Expensive Than Halogen

Can Halogen Bulb Replaced By LED In Car Headlight?

When replacing halogen with LED bulb in you car, you may be confused about several problems. Can halogen bulb directly replaced by LED bulb in car headlights? Do I need to make any modifications to my car to install LED bulbs? Will LED bulbs produce blinding light? Now we will explain from the following three aspects:


Replacing halogen with LED bulbs in your car means you will install LED car light bulbs in either projector or reflector headlight assembly.

projector headlight

To enhance illumination, a projector headlamp employs a lens in front of the light source to concentrate the light and produce a more precise and focused beam. Additionally, their convex lens protrudes, making them visually appealing even when they are not turned on during the day.

A reflector headlight is a type of headlight that uses a curved reflector to reflect the light emitted by the bulb. The reflector is designed to focus the light in a specific direction, creating a beam pattern that illuminates the road ahead.

The halogen bulbs will deliver a safe light beam pattern no matter in projector or reflector headlight assembly. The light source won’t blind pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

Thats to say, if the LED headlight bulbs you choose have the same lighting position as halogen filament, then the better light beam pattern as halogen bulbs.

2. Structure

When switching from halogen to LED bulbs in a headlamp, it is important to make sure the LED car bulbs can be fix to stock halogen housing easily. Whether automotive LED headlight bulbs can be installed on the original halogen headlight assembly is dependent on their structure to some extent.

S4 Pro LED headlight bulb
  • Size And Shape:

Halogen bulbs usually have a standard size and shape that fits snugly into most headlight housings. However, there is no official standard size and shape for LED car headlight bulbs on the market. As a result, LED headlight bulbs on the market come in a variety of shapes, and some are designed to be too large or too long to fit in the assembly.

  • Heat Dissipation: 

High-power LED car bulbs generate lots of heat to some extent, so they require different cooling mechanisms. This can lead to larger or more complex bulb designs that may not fit easily into the housing.

  • Wiring And Holder:

This will decide if the LED headlight bulbs can be locked firmly into your OEM headlight housing and connect to the power plug of your car.

However, with the latest LED headlight bulb technology, most LED car light bulbs on the market are designed to fit within the space of a halogen bulb, allowing for easy installation without any modification.

3. Compatibility

Converting your halogen headlight bulbs to LED maybe will encounter compatibility issue such as  the lamp not lighting up, the lamp flickering, or the dashboard displaying a warning.


  • Voltage

Another reason why installing an LED bulb into a halogen housing can be difficult is due to compatibility issues between the two types of lights. Halogens operate at 12V and with a power of 55W, when the vehicle is in operation, the power supply is typically between 13-13.5V. According to the regulations, the automotive LED bulbs must be able to operate normally between 9-16 Volts.

Nowadays, many LED headlights in the market work with a voltage of 9-16V, and some can even adapt to a voltage of 24V. This allows LED lights to work normally in halogen lamp assemblies.


  • Canbus Errors

If your vehicle’s lighting is not meeting the expected wattage, the Canbus system will detect it and flag it as a fault, leading to an error message being triggered. This fault is referred to as a Canbus error because it is caused by the car’s Controller Area Network (CAN) system detecting a problem with the bulbs. The CAN system is designed to detect any changes in the electrical load of the vehicle and adjust accordingly.


The good news is most aftermarket LED headlight bulbs carry with intelligent Canbus driver, which means that it can smooth out the power demands of your new LED bulbs and helps system adjust to the aftermarket product.


The Best LED Headlight Bulb For Halogen Upgrade

NAOEVO NR Rocket Design LED Headlight Bulb

If you are looking for quality LED headlight bulb that is close to halogen standard, but much brighter than halogen, we will highly recommend NAOEVO’s NR series LED headlight bulbs. With unique rocket design, these brand new NAOEVO NR LED headlight bulbs are designed to produce standard light beam as halogen while also enhancing brightness.

1:1 Design As Halogen

As we mentioned above, LED headlight bulb that has the same lighting position as halogen will ensure that the light beam pattern remains consistent with the original design of the vehicle. The the lamp bead is too front or too back, it can cause issues such as poor visibility, glare, and blinding other drivers on the road.


In this case, the NR LED headlight bulbs are designed as small as possible so that they can remain a mini size as halogen and the same lighting points of halogen bulbs. Thanks to 1.5 mm ultra-slim copper substrate inside the bulb, there is a narrow space between two lamp beads, which can greatly simulate the thin tungsten insides halogen lamp.


The result is, either in projector or reflector headlight assembly, the NR LED headlight bulbs will deliver a sharp cutoff line with a wide and even spread light beam pattern. This prevents glare and ensures that the light is focused on the road ahead.


4X Brighter in Projector And Reflector

90% of people choose to replace with LED bulb in car headlight due to the insufficient light of halogen. With a high power of 110W 13200LM per set, the NR LED headlight bulbs provide 4 times upgraded brightness than halogen bulbs. Its 6500K white light is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhances safety by making it easier for drivers to see obstacles on the road.

Stylish Rocket Design

Rocket Design of NR LED bulb

What set NR LED headlight bulb apart from others is their unique rocket design. As you can see from the lamp, there is a stylish flying rocket on the lamp body, which stands for a strong explosive force. NR LED bulb is granted this tremendous power in its mini body. It delivers excellent brightness and illuminates the dark road instantly.

Longer Lifespan Than Halogen

One of the key benefit you will get is the long-lasting illumination when you switching from halogen to LED headlights. Better heat dissipation makes longer lifespan. The NR LED bulbs use dual copper heat pipe to achieve 2~3 times faster cooling than other normal LED bulbs. Besides the aluminum heat sink fins and high-speed fan help to ensure that the heat generated by the bulb is quickly and efficiently dispersed. With its advanced cooling methods, the NR LED bulb has a long lifespan of over 30,000 hours.  

High Compatibility

With NR LED bulb, you will never worry about the error problems when you decide to convert  halogen to LED in your car. The NR LED headlight bulbs are built with intelligent Canbus driver, which will greatly simulate the current of halogen bulbs, making them installed into the headlight without any error problems. The mini design also provides a super easy way for installation.


A: In most cases, it is legal to replace halogen bulbs with LED bulbs in your car.

However, it is important to make sure that the LED bulbs meet the required specifications for your vehicle and are approved for use on public roads. Different states have different regulations for car lighting, it is better to check before you buying LED bulbs.

A: In most cases, no modifications are necessary. However, it is important to ensure that the LED bulb is compatible with your car’s wiring and housing before installation.

A: One potential drawback is that some LED bulbs may not be compatible with your car’s headlight housing, which could lead to reduced visibility or glare for other drivers on the road. Additionally, LED headlights may be more expensive to purchase than halogen headlights.

Most LED headlight bulbs on the market are designed as plug-n-play solution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to replace halogen headlights with LED bulbs:

  • Identify the type of LED headlight bulb
  • Access the headlight assembly
  • Open the dust cover and remover the halogen bulb
  • Install the new LED headlight bulbs (3 o’clock and 9 o’clock align)
  • Connect the wiring harness
  • Test the light beam pattern of the new LED car light bulb
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