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55W 6600LM LED Headlight Bulb | NAOEVO NR Series

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Over the course of the last several months, NAOEVO has been hard at work developing a new kind of LED headlight bulb that meets the demand for high brightness while keeping a small headlamp body. The most impressive thing is that the NR H7 LED headlight bulb achieves a qualitative breakthrough in design – the lamp body of NR is designed as a rocket. Let’s move on to see other outstanding features of NR LED headlight bulb.


Special Rocket Design

If you are getting tired of the twins-like LED headlight bulbs, NAOEVO gives you a brand-new design LED headlight bulb that makes you stand out from the crowd!! One of the biggest features of NR LED headlight bulbs is the rocket design. Inspired by the spectacle scene of a rocket launch, the lamp body of NR is designed with a rocket that is about to fly to the moon.

Rocket has a strong thrust to be able to reach outer space, which stands for a strong explosive force. NR LED bulb is granted this tremendous power in its mini body. It delivers excellent brightness and illuminates the dark road instantly. NR LED bulb is always your right friend to thrive in your business and achieve your dreams!

Moreover, the NR LED bulb also symbolizes speed and power. This bulb is given a special mission to keep you ahead on the market and boost your business to peak at a “ROCKET SPEED.”


Brighter, Whiter H7 55W LED Bulb

Visibility is a key proponent to pilot your vehicle. You will be surprised by the brightness emitted by NR LED bulbs. Equipped with 6 pcs 55MIL LED chip, NR LED headlight bulb is capable of carrying a high brightness of 55W 6600LM per bulb, which is 300% brighter than your stock halogen headlight bulb, leaving you unparalleled lighting performance it can deliver.

Importantly the NR LED headlight bulb maintains a 6500K superior white light that delivers an excellent light output so that you can get a view with excellent color and aesthetic look for your headlight.


Superior Beam Quality

NR is the perfect representation of a quality headlight beam pattern. The advanced PCB technology at the core of the NR LED headlight bulb sets a new industry benchmark emission surface interval of just 1.5mm total, which effectively simulates the beam pattern of the original halogen lamp.

This ultra slim design provides super focused cut-off lines, great width, light distribution, and color, and you also have a nice shape to the pattern. That shape is what prevents oncoming drivers from being blinded by the light’s power. You won’t be putting yourself at risk while driving at night with the NR LED headlight bulbs.


Thermal Management

What sets NR LED headlights apart from other normal LED bulbs is the heat dissipation. Previously, many LED headlights incorporated a small heat pipe for heat dissipation. In order to achieve a better cooling capacity, the copper heat pipe of NR LED bulb is upgraded to a larger size of 56mm * 4mm, which is capable of transferring 20W of heat each time.

Besides, the aluminum heat sink achieves efficient heat dissipation through its large area of heat radiation, then cooperating with an 8500 RMP high-speed mute fan, NR LED headlight bulb is able to achieve 2 to 3 times higher thermal conductivity.


Easy Installation

Looking for easy install 55W H7 12V LED headlight bulb? These NR series h7 55w LED headlight bulbs are the very definition of plug-n-play. This means a direct fitment with the same plugs and locking tabs as OEM halogen bulbs, resulting in a quick-and-easy install within 30 minutes. The bulb size of NR is designed as small as halogen bulbs, which makes it direct fit the original dust caps.


Canbus Error Free

The most common problem encountered by drivers when upgrading from a halogen to LED headlight bulb is the Canbus problem, since LED bulbs draw far less power than the stock bulbs. To solve this problem, NR H7 LED headlight bulb delivers an output of 55W 12V, which is the same amount of energy as halogen headlight bulb. If you are still worried about the decoding problem, NR LED bulb carries with an intelligent Canbus driver, which will perceive the current draw as being within the expected range, and so it doesn’t trigger any error message.



Wattage: 55W/Per
Lumens: 6600LM/Per
Kevin: 6500K
Input-voltage: DC9-16V
Operating voltage: 13.5V
Working Current: 4.07A
Chip: 6*55MIL Flip Chip
Lifespan: 30,000 HRS
Model: H1 H3 H4 H7 H10 H8/H9/H11 H13 9004 9007 9005 9006 9012 5202 880/881
Warranty: 1 Year

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55 Watts/Bulb


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