NAOEVO Custom LED Car Light Bulb Shelf Rack

NAOEVO Shelf Rack

Get products organized and increase sales

Using NAOEVO eye-catching floor standing Shelf Rack to showcase NAOEVO’s LED headlight bulbs in an organized and attractive manner. The cardboard assortment shelf allows easy assembling, easy-to-carry while providing a sturdy and secure display platform for the bulbs. The display shelf rack includes a brand-new shelf system and secondary placements, which showcase all products at a glance. With an ideal tool for every type of merchandising solution you require, NAOEVO is the perfect partner for your needs!


Main Benefits of NAOEVO Shelf Rack

– Clear auto lamps arrangement
– Attractive design, ideal in-store placement
– Lightweight for easy movement
– Robust material, practical for everyday use


Various & Exclusive Supports From NAOEVO

Become part of our success story by joining us as a NAOEVO dealer! As a reliable automotive lighting manufacturer, NAOEVO strives to ensure that our agents have all practical supports and resources necessary to sell and promote their products effectively. Our support services include:


-Material support:

Test demo box, display shelf, T-shirt/cap/gloves/pen, banners, catalogs, etc.

-Marketing support:

Special wholesale prices, priority access to new products, professional technical supports, local media promotion etc.

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