NAOEVO Portable LED Headlight Bulb Demo Case Box

NAOEVO Demo Test Box

Make a lasting impression and boost your sales


NAOEVO LED bulb test demo tool enable customers to test a wide range of LED headlight bulbs during the point of sale. Additionally, this demo box is not only portray all USPs but also allow your customer to test and compare different technologies.


The accompanying power supply ensures effortless setup; Just plug into a wall outlet and position LED car bulbs into the universal socket. Effortlessly illustrate to customers the contrast between NAOEVO LED headlight bulb technology and others in light beam pattern, lumens, and color.


Your customers can enjoy a more user-friendly and visually-appealing experience when buying LED bulbs with NAOEVO test demo tool, leading to higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.


The Benefits of NAOEVO Test Demo Tool

– Visually displayed multiple technologies
– Enable direct product comparison
– Easy to handle


Various & Exclusive Supports From NAOEVO

Become part of our success story by joining us as a NAOEVO dealer! As a reliable automotive lighting manufacturer, NAOEVO strives to ensure that our agents have all practical supports and resources necessary to sell and promote their products effectively. Our support services include:


-Material support:

Test demo box, display shelf, T-shirt/cap/gloves/pen, banners, catalogs, etc.

-Marketing support:

Special wholesale prices, priority access to new products, professional technical supports, local media promotion etc.


We are committed to building a strong partnership with our distributors/dealers that is based on trust, reliability, and mutual success.

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