NAOEVO Custom Work Gloves

NAOEVO Custom Work Gloves

Built to withstand the toughest condition

Protect your hands from harm when replacing LED headlight bulbs with these durable gloves by NAOEVO. With conspicuous NAOEVO Logo printed on the gloves, your customers will be left with  the impression that they have selected a reputable and professional brand.

The NAOEVO custom gloves are available for a wide range of size and are suitable for most men and women. The navy-blue offers a refined and luxurious look, they can be given as promotional gifts to your customers and thus creating excellent marketing opportunities for your business.


Main Benefits of NAOEVO Gloves

– Protect your hands from injury

– Made with durable materials

– NAOEVO custom design for brand awareness


Various & Exclusive Supports From NAOEVO

Become part of our success story by joining us as a NAOEVO dealer! As a reliable automotive lighting manufacturer, NAOEVO strives to ensure that our agents have all practical supports and resources necessary to sell and promote their products effectively. Our support services include:


-Material support:

Test demo box, display shelf, T-shirt/cap/gloves/pen, banners, catalogs, etc.

-Marketing support:

Special wholesale prices, priority access to new products, professional technical supports, local media promotion etc.



Type: Gloves
NAOEVO Logo: Heat Transfer Printing
Default Size: XL
Color: Navy-Blue
Material: Cotton
Features: Touchscreen
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