5 Best LED Car Bulbs For Reflector Headlight

Halogen headlight bulbs were once the popular choice for cars. But as technology evolves and costs go down, LED car bulbs are becoming more common on middle-end cars like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai. LED car light bulbs are popular among many drivers as they deliver efficiency brightness, and can last for a long lifespan.

If your car currently has original halogen bulbs in the reflector assembly and you’re considering an LED upgrade, you might face uncertainties. Questions like: Are aftermarket LED bulbs compatible with my reflector housing? Are LED car bulbs safe for use in a reflector headlight? Can I personally retrofit an LED bulb into a reflector headlight?

Usually, high-quality LED car light bulbs can enhance visibility and provide a secure beam pattern similar to your halogen bulb in a reflector housing. Hence, the question remains: How to choose a right LED headlight bulbs that perfectly match to reflector assembly?

Within this blog, we will present the top 5 LED headlight bulbs suitable for reflector headlight housings

What Is Reflector Headlight Assembly?

A reflector headlight is easily recognizable by its distinctive shape. It comprises a chrome bowl with multiple reflectors, with the bulb positioned in the center. When the headlights are turned on and the bulb is ignited, the individual reflector surfaces redirect the light, enhancing road visibility. Due to the multiple reflectors in the chrome bowl, each one casts light in various directions, resulting in a broader light pattern rather than a more focused beam.

The Benefit of Reflector Headlight:

Greater Area Coverage

Easy to adjust the bulb

They’re cost-effectiveness

They’re smaller

Best Recommended LED Bulb For Reflector

1. NAOEVO P1 LED Headlight Bulb

– Stylish LED Bulb For Reflector Headlight

If you are in the market for high-quality LED headlight bulb with perfect beam pattern and unique design, NAOEVO P1 LED headlight bulb is an excellent choice. The die-casting aluminum makes the bulbs more durable and allows for effective heat dissipation.

With a high output of 140W 16800LM per set, these P1 LED bulbs provide an upgraded brightness, which is about three to four times brighter than OEM halogen. NAOEVO uses the latest technology to ensure the P1 LED bulb maintain a stable power and consistent brightness no matter how long you use.

Besides, the beam quality is excellent in various models of reflector headlight. You will see a cutoff line with wide and concentrated beam through your reflector.

The bulb come with dual copper heat pipe and high-speed fan to achieve 2-3 times faster heat conduction. The efficient cooling maintains a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hrs as well as reducing the light decay.

One of the biggest features of P1 LED must be its lion design. Lion stand for power, strength, and courage. Enjoy a superior brightness from P1’s lion power.


Wattage: 70W/Each 140W/Set

Lumen: 8400LM/Each 16800LM/Set

Color: 6500K White

Chip: 6 pcs 60*75mil flip chip

Voltage: DC9-16V

Cooling: Copper Pipe + Fan + Aluminum

Warranty: 2 Years

2. NAOEVO NH LED Headlight Bulb

– Brightest LED bulb for reflector headlight

If you are seeking for high-quality and high-brightness LED bulb for your reflector headlight, then you can stop browsing further. NAOEVO NH LEDs are among the brightest car light bulb in our list.

Feature 6 pcs 75 mil larger size flip chip, the NH LED headlight bulbs provide an astonishing brightness of 260W 31200LM per set, which could maximize your visibility in dark road without any dark area. The 6500K crisp white makes it easier to distinguish objects and hazards.

NH LED bulbs help minimize the glare light caused by its high brightness. NAOEVO’s patent chip arrangement allows the NH LED to emit a broad and uniform beam through reflector headlight housing.

The double pipes, fan, and hollowed heat sink of NH ensure quick heat dissipation. The external Canbus driver helps to simulate the current and voltage of OEM bulb, compatible with 98% of vehicles.

The design of NH LED bulbs are inspired by elephant, which stand for immense strength, and durability. This means that NH LED bulb is built to withstand tough conditions and provide powerful brightness.


Wattage: 130W/Each 260W/Set

Lumen: 15600LM/Each 31200LM/Set

Color: 6500K White

Chip: 6 pcs 60*75mil flip chip

Voltage: DC9-16V

Cooling: Copper Pipe + Fan + Aluminum

Warranty: 1 Year

3. NAOEVO V05 LED Headlight Bulb

Easy Plug-N-Play LED Bulb For Reflector

Some reflector headlight housing has a small hole, resulting difficult installation. However, NAOEVO V05 LED headlight bulb can greatly solve this problem.  

V05 LED bulb stands out due to its distinctive feature—a 12-degree slanted design at the heat sink. While most LED car light bulbs have a horizontal heat sink, the angled design of V05 facilitates effortless installation in various reflector housings.

These bulbs offer exceptional brightness, placing them at the top among budget-friendly LED options. The 100W 12000LM per set and 6500K cool white, V05 LED bulb features a better performance on brightness. Besides, the 1:1 same lighting position as halogen contributes to standard beam pattern as halogen.

The copper heat pipe inside the bulb helps to transfer 20W of heat each time, then with the help of high-speed mute fan, V05 can serve your car for several years.


Wattage: 50W/Each 100W/Set

Lumen: 6000LM/Each 12000LM/Set

Color: 6500K White

Chip: 3 pcs 60*75mil flip chip

Voltage: DC9-16V

Cooling: Copper Pipe + Fan + Aluminum

Warranty: 1 Year

4. NAOEVO S3Max LED Headlight Bulb

Mini LED Bulb For Reflector Headlight

The S3Max series LED bulb represents a significant advancement over the S3 LED bulb, particularly in terms of brightness. The latest S3Max LED bulb now boasts a power output of 90W and 10,000LM per set, a substantial increase from the previous version’s 60W and 7,200LM per set. Its 6500K white light not only offers clear visibility but also enhances the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle.

Thanks to its 1:1 design as halogen, S3Max LED bulb deliver same beam pattern as original halogen bulbs but can deliver wider and further range light on road without any dark spots or glare.

Equipped with ultra-thin copper substrate and high speed fan. This Mini S3Max LED headlight bulbs ensure you get the durable LED bulb while making bright and continuous lighting.


Wattage: 45W/Each 90W/Set

Lumen: 5000LM/Each 10000LM/Set

Color: 6500K White

Chip: 8 pcs 45mil flip chip

Voltage: DC9-16V

Cooling: Fan + Aluminum

Warranty: 2 Years

5. NR LED Headlight Bulb

Durability LED Bulb For Reflector Headlight

If you’re looking for an LED that will last for years to come. The NAOEVO NR LED headlight bulbs are the way to come. After testing them for over a year, NR LED bulbs come with the latest LED technology to deliver a high brightness of 110W 13200LM per set. The high lighting efficiency and consistent brightness makes it the best choice for nighttime driving.  

One of the best things about NR LED headlight bulb is they come with an excellent beam pattern which is characterized by a well-defined cutoff line prevent glare light from oncoming traffic.

In additional to their perfect beam pattern, the NR LED bulbs operate efficient heat dissipation. The advanced heat pipe helps to conduct 20W of heat each time, the high speed fan helps to transfer most of the heat into external environment.

The NR LED headlights feature outstanding Rocket design, which stands for strong explosive force. Like the rocket, NR LED bulb is granted this tremendous power in its mini body. It creates unparalleled brightness and illuminates the dark road instantly.

Their mini size enable them to plug into your reflector headlight housing easily without any modification.


Wattage: 55W/Each 110W/Set

Lumen: 6600LM/Each 13200LM/Set

Color: 6500K White

Chip: 8 pcs 55mil flip chip

Voltage: DC9-16V

Cooling: Copper Pipe + Fan + Aluminum

Warranty: 1 Year  

What is a Good Light Beam Pattern of Reflector Housing?

[Standard Light Beam of Halogen In Reflector: Low Beam]

[Standard Light Beam of LED Bulb In Reflector: Low Beam & High Beam]

From the above pictures, you the perfect light beam pattern in the reflector headlight housing must contains well-define cutoff like the shape “V” to avoid the glare light to other drivers. For the high beam, there will be a wide and uniform brightness to make drivers see clearly at two sides of the road, in the centre there will be a focus light for further illumination.

Are LED Lights Safe To Use In Reflector Headlight Housing?

You and I know that halogen are an outdated technology. So is the LED bulb a suitable alternative?

Simply say, aftermarket LED headlight bulb can be used in reflector headlight housing BUT (and it’s big but) if the new bulbs you buy are not match the OEM halogen, then they will cause glare and dazzling light leading to unsafe for nighttime driving.

Because each reflector is meticulously crafted based on the precious specifications of the halogen bulb it intends to use. This ensures they deliver a good throw and wide spread of light.

So choosing a quality LED car light bulb for your reflector headlight will ensure a safe driving experience.

How to Choose a Right LED Bulb Perfectly Match Your Reflector?

If your car has reflector headlight housing, it’s adverse to avoid choosing multi-size LED headlight bulb as they are likely to produce a more diffuse light through your reflector housing. Besides, some LED headlight bulbs are made by unqualified factory so they will have inferior beam pattern.

In this case, it’s important to choose some well-known brand such as Philips, Osram, and NAOEVO, their products are meet the quality standard and meet the road safety.

Here are some factors you should consider when you are choosing LED bulb for your reflector.

1. Safe Beam Pattern

LED headlight bulbs should have passed optics test to ensure a safe light beam pattern. The above mentioned LED car bulbs are designed to for your reflector headlight to deliver a broader and further brightness. The cutoff line on low beam can greatly prevent the glare light to oncoming drivers.

2. 1:1 Design As Halogen

The 1:1 means that the LED headlight bulb should have the same lighting position as halogen, besides, they should have the almost the same size as halogen. These factors ensure they have the same lighting points and easy installation as your halogen in your reflector.

3. Canbus Error Free

Aftermarket LED headlight bulbs often has a lower current than halogen bulb. This often lead to error code in the dashboard. In this case, it is better to choose LED headlight bulb with Canbus decoder to solve this problem. NAOEVO LED bulbs has intelligent Canbus driver, making them compatible with most of the vehicle’s system.

4. Easy Plug And Plug

Most of the LED headlight bulbs on the market are designed with original power plug and retainer holder as your halogen. Choosing the right bulb model that match your halogen, you can replace the halogen bulb by yourself.

HID or LED, Which is Better For Reflector Headlight?

If you think LED headlight bulb replacement is more hassle and expensive than it’s worth. Are HIDs any better?

Compared with LED bulb, Xenon lamps have greater penetration and longer-range illumination. However, HID headlight bulbs may suffer from some questions such as low light efficiency, short lifespan, and expensive price. Besides, HID needs a warm-up time, meaning it will take about 5 seconds to achieve full brightness, this will lead to high light decay rate.

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Many drivers are upgrading to LED headlights these days, and there are numerous LED car bulbs available for reflector headlight. We hope that this blog will provide a constructive guideline for you to choose the best LED bulb for your reflector.