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The Description of V05 LED Headlight Bulb

Are you bothered with various harnesses and decoders when you change your halogen bulbs? Or when you finally buy direct-plug LED headlight bulbs, you may still have trouble installing them due to their large heat sink or impersonal design. Here, NAOEVO V05 LED headlight bulbs will provide you with a true plug-n-play and easy installation solution for your OEM headlight.


Top Features of V05 LED Headlight Kits


12-Degree Angled Design For Easy Installation

Most of the plug-n-play LED headlight bulbs on the market are designed at a 90-degree angle. Assuming that these bulbs are installed in the headlight housing with a narrow space, it is not only difficult to cover the dust cover but also has an effect on the heat dissipation of the bulbs.


To solve this problem, the V05 LED headlight bulb is designed with a 12-degree slope at the base. This design makes the V05 LED headlight bulbs suitable for installation in 99% of car models. At the same time, it leaves enough space for heat dissipation.


1:1 Halogen Bulb Design

NAOEVO V05 LED bulbs are 1:1 designed as OEM halogen bulbs which ensures that they can be easily installed in place of halogen bulbs without any modification to the headlight housing. The 1:1 halogen design of V05 also means that they have a same lighting position as halogen, to ensure that the light is focused in the right direction and doesn’t blind oncoming traffic.


Increased Visibility

The NAOEVO V05 LED headlight bulbs are a highly advanced and innovative solution to enhance your driving experience. With an output of 100W 12,000LM, these V05 LED headlight bulbs are designed to produce a much brighter and clearer light than traditional bulbs, which can help drivers to see more clearly on dark or foggy roads. The 6500K white provides a more natural light source that is similar to daylight, making it easier for drivers to spot obstacles and hazards on the road.


Precision Beam Patterns

One of the key benefits of the V05 LED headlight bulbs is their safety features. Thanks to the same light position as halogen, the beam pattern of V05 has a sharp cut-off line that prevents oncoming drivers from being blinded by the strong light. Besides, the beam of V05 also has a wide spread, they illuminate both sides of the road and any obstacles in the driver’s peripheral vision.


High Durability

In addition to their brightness, the V05 LED headlight bulbs are also known for their durability. With a copper heat pipe, 6063 aluminum body and 8500 RPM high-speed fan, the V05 LED headlight bulbs are designed to last much longer than traditional bulbs, which means that drivers can enjoy their enhanced performance for longer periods of time without having to replace them. The V05 LED bulbs have passed IP67 rating, which means that they can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for use in all types of climates.



  • Power: 50W/Bulb
  • Lumen: 6000LM/Bulb
  • Color: 6500K White
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hrs
  • Input Voltage: DV9-16V
  • Operating Voltage: 13.5V
  • Current: 3.70A
  • Chip: Flip Chip
  • Warranty: 1Year
  • Model: H8/9/11, 9005, 9006, 9012



Q1: What kind of automotive LED headlight does your company specialize in?

We specialize in producing high-power and high quality LED headlight bulbs. All these bulbs produce outstanding brightness with proper light source.


Q2: What is your main market?

With over 17 years of rich experience in automotive lighting products, we have gained a good reputation all over the world. Our products are mainly exported to USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.


Q3: Do you provide OEM & ODM service?

Yes, we have an independent factory and R&D department. We are able to provide the most professional customized services such as customized logo, packaging, and LED bulbs.


Q4: What are the main benefits of becoming an agent of NAOEVO, compared to other suppliers?

One of the main advantages of being an agent of NAOEVO is market protection. We insist on the principle of β€œOne Territory, One Distributor.”

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