T10 W5W 194 Turn Signal Lights 600LM – NAOEVO NL30-A Series

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Upgraded Brightness

Each of the LED bulbs feature 6 pcs high power 3030 convex LED chips, positioned identically as the halogen bulbs for seamless integration. The bulbs emit a 360 degree extremely bright lighting output, making it easier to see clearer in both interior and exterior situation.


5-MIN Quick Installation

Mini and standard size as the original halogen bulbs and require no polarity adjustments or modifications. They are specifically designed to fit the following bulb sockets: T10, W5W, 194, 168.


Upgraded Interior & Interior Design

You can be safe and stylish at the same time with your choice of white, amber and red light color.


Vehicle CANBUS Compatible

The CANBUS system is effective in preventing error codes and unusual flickering in the majority of vehicle models.



Product: NL30-A
Wattage: 2 W/Bulb
Lumens: 300 LM/Bulb
Chip Type: 3030
Working Voltage: DC12V-24V
Working Current: 0.2A/0.1A
Color: White/Red/Amber
Warranty: 1 Year
Usage: License plate lights, cabin lights, dome lights, map lights, clearance lights, reverse lights, etc.


Package Included

2 x NAOEVO LED Signal Bulbs


Fit Size

T10, W5W, 194, 168

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Amber, Red, White


300 Lumens/Bulb


2 Watts/Bulb


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