Liquid Copper Tubes: NAOEVO’s Advanced Cooling Technology Explained

The importance of heat dissipation in car LED bulbs cannot be overstated. Efficient heat dissipation directly influences the lifespan of the bulbs, ensuring a longer operational period. Various cooling technologies, such as fans, copper plates, aluminum fins, VC cooling, and copper tubes, are employed in automotive LED bulbs.

Among these, copper heat pipes are commonly adopted for high-power LED headlight bulbs. However, the different types of copper pipes result in varying heat conduction capabilities.

This blog will delve into NAOEVO’s cutting-edge copper heat tube technology, unraveling the secret behind the prolonged lifespan of NAOEVO’s LED headlight bulbs.

Tow Main Types of Copper Tube In The Market

Solid Copper Rod

A solid copper rod is a cylindrical piece of metal made entirely of pure copper with a consistent diameter along its length. It is characterized by its solid, continuous structure, without any hollow spaces or interruptions. Copper is chosen for its excellent thermal conductivity, which means it efficiently conducts and transfers heat.

Copper Heat Pipe

A heat pipe is a metal tube, sealed under partial vacuum, with an inner wick lining (capillary material) and a small amount of fluid. As heat is applied to the heat pipe’s surface, this causes the evaporator region to heat the fluid inside and change it into a vapor. This phase change from fluid to vapor creates pressure. As pressure increases, vapor will naturally flow into the cooler section. Heat is released as the vapor condenses back into a fluid. The fluid will then flow back into the warm region, where the cycle will repeat (as long as there is heat applied).

Difference Between Solid Copper Rod And Copper Heat Pipe

FeatureSolid Copper RodCopper Heat Pipe
CompositionEntirely solid copper material throughoutHollow tube with copper lining and working fluid inside
StructureContinuous, without hollow spacesTube with internal structure, typically sealed
Thermal Conductivity397W/m·k (under 100°C conditions)20000W/m.K (under 100°C conditions)
Heat Transfer MechanismConducts heat through its copper materialUtilizes phase-change heat transfer mechanism
Heat Dissipation EfficiencyLimited by the surface area for convection and radiationEnhanced by the phase-change process and internal wicking
Form FactorTypically in the form of a solid cylindrical rodCan have various shapes, including cylindrical or flat
FlexibilityRigid structure with limited flexibility Excellent dimensional control on precise sizes

The Structure and Working Principle of Copper Heat Pipes

A wick structure (sintered powder) is applied to the inside walls of the pipe. Liquid (usually water) is added to the device and vacuum sealed at which point the wick distributes the liquid throughout the device.

As heat is applied to the evaporator area, liquid turns to vapor and moves to an area of lower pressure where it cools and returns to liquid form. Capillary action then redistributes it back to the evaporator section.

The secret of NAOEVO LED Car Bulb: Advanced Liquid Copper Tubes

Many customers who purchased NAOEVO LED car lights have given positive comments. Among them, what they generally appreciated was: “The lighting effect is excellent, the brightness is extremely high, and the light pattern is ideal.” In addition, some customers said: “After our testing, the heat dissipation performance of this lamp is excellent.” 

NAOEVO aims to use the most advanced cooling technology to bring customers the best quality products.

LED Headlight Bulbs Equipped With Copper Heat Pipe

NAOEVO NG LED Headlight Bulb

Equipped with large-size 6pcs 70MIL flip chip, the NG LED headlight kits are able to deliver a high brightness of 180W 21600LM (pack of 2). In this case, it is crucial to have an efficient heat dissipation to support its high lumens.

The NG LED headlight bulb has built-in double copper heat pipe, one of the copper tube is 3*51MM and the other measured as a bigger size of 4*51mm.

This combination can achieve 30W of heat transfer each time. Thus prolong the lifespan of NG LED bulbs.

NAOEVO NH LED Headlight Bulb

The NH LED headlight bulbs are regarded as the brightest car bulbs at NAOEVO. They are capable of providing a superior brightness of 260W 31200LM (pack of two). Such high power means that its heat dissipation design must be excellent, otherwise it will cause the lamp body to overheat and cause serious light decay.

NH LED lights are equipped with two large-size copper tubes – 4*51mm, they can conduct 40W of heat each time.

The combination of bigger copper heat pipe allows for efficiently transfer and disperse heat away from the LED chips. This results in effective heat dissipation, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal operating temperatures.

NAOEVO NR LED Headlight Bulb

Although NR is smaller in size, its brightness is not inferior to other automotive LED headlights. Thanks to NAOEVO’s patented flip-chip design, NR has a high-brightness lighting effect of 110W 13200LM.

This product is composed of 6 high-power lamp beads, one of which is arranged at the upper and lower ends. This design makes the nighttime lighting effect more uniform and broad, helping to improve the driver’s clear perception of nighttime road conditions.

The heat dissipation is crucial for these high power LED bulbs. The NR LED lamp uses a 4*51MM large copper tube to achieve 20W efficient heat conduction. In addition, the internal high-speed fan and 6063 aluminum heat sink increase the heat dissipation area and heat dissipation efficiency, allowing the NR lights to maintain excellent lighting effects for a long time.

Final Word

In conclusion, NAOEVO adopted liquid copper tubes which stands at the forefront of advanced cooling technology for electronic devices, especially in LED applications. The innovative phase-change heat transfer mechanism, coupled with high-quality materials, ensures efficient heat dissipation.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of electronic advancements, NAOEVO’s commitment to superior cooling solutions remains pivotal, paving the way for enhanced device performance, extended lifespan, and a sustainable future in technology.

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