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9 Best Recommended LED Lights For Cars In India

Here is a complete recommendation for the 9 best LED lights for cars in India of 2024. Whether you’re upgrading your car headlights for clearer vision at night or enhancing performance and stunning aesthetics, we hope that you can find value-for-money LED headlight bulbs that greatly improved your visibility and provide you with a safe and comfortable driving experience.

For this reason, we have made a list of 9 best-rated auto LED bulbs in India, each meticulously chosen for its exceptional performance, durability, and value for money.

We sorted through their performance in brightness, light beam pattern, heat dissipation, warranty duration, brand credibility, and customer’s rating.

So, join us as we explore the 9 top picks for LED car bulbs in India to illuminate your journey and enhance your driving pleasure!

-Best Budget LED Lights For Cars-

Wattage: 72W/Set (36W/Per)

Lumen: 9000LM/Set (4500LM/Per)

Light Source: Bridgelux COB LED Chip

Color: 6500K

Voltage: DC9-32V

Guarantee: 3 Years

NIGHTEYE is a trusted name in automotive lighting across India, renowned for offering budget-friendly yet high-value automotive lighting products. Among their lineup, Nighteye A315 Series LED bulbs shine as the most recommended picks in India thanks to their pocket-friendly prices and top-notch lighting effect!

These bulbs feature super bright Bridgelux COB lighting, delivering an impressive 72W and 9000LM per set while consuming minimal power. NIGHTEYE A315 LED light bulb offers exceptional brightness and visibility on the road. Featuring a 6500K Cool White Light output, these bulbs emit a clean, bright light similar to daylight.

To ensure durability and longevity, NIGHTEYE LED headlight bulbs are equipped with an aluminum heat sink and a high-speed 12000RPM two-ball fan. This combination effectively dissipates heat, keeping the bulbs operating at optimal temperatures and extending their lifespan.

Versatility is another key feature of NIGHTEYE LED bulbs, as they are compatible with a wide range of vehicles in India. With a voltage range spanning from DC9V to 32V, these bulbs can be easily installed in SUVs, trucks, buses, and various other automotive applications.

Although Nighteye performs averagely in terms of brightness and beam pattern and cooling, lacking significant advantages or technical features, its price is very affordable, and Nighteye offers a 3-year warranty for this product. If you’re on a tight budget, they are highly a recommended choice.

BEST FEATURES: Budget-Friendly Price


60% brighter than halogen

360 degrees viewing angle

15-20 minutes easy installation

DC9V-32V wide voltage compatible

3 years of guarantee

Prices ranging from 899₹-2800₹

-Top Choice For Energy-Efficient LED Kit-

Wattage: 110W/Set (55W/Per)

Lumen: 11000LM/Set (5500LM/Per)

Light Source: High Power advanced Chipset

Color: 6000K

Voltage: DC12V

Guarantee: 2 Years

Blaupunkt V19 is another strongly recommended LED headlight bulbs in India thanks to their energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

The Blaupunkt V19 LED headlight utilizes cutting-edge LED technology, each set provides 110W 11000 Lumen, having a high light efficacy of 100W/LM, which means that they transfer most of the energy into brightness. The Blaupunkt V19 Pro LED bulbs will make road signs and obstacles clearly visible. Make you can react in time.

The Blaupunkt V19 Pro LED beam pattern is close to stock halogen with same lighting position which achieve real 360 degree lighting with no dark spots or scattered light. Instant illumination and strong penetration, no glare, win-win design for safety and brightness. Its compact design ensures easy installation for a wide range of car makes and models in India.

Built-in high-speed silent cooling fan. Combined with high-quality LED chips along with copper base and unique hollow design on all-in-one aluminum body. Blaupunkt V19 Pro effectively improves the heat dissipation efficiency. Ensure the bulb a longer lifespan.

Blaupunkt V19 Pro LED headlight has external Canbus driver, which makes them compatible with 99% of models without any problem.

BEST FEATURES: Energy Saving, Quick Start


200% more light than halogen

Uniform light distribution at night

2 years of warranty

Intelligent Canbus

Compact design, easy installation

-The No.1 Pick For A Pure White Car LED Light-

Wattage: 46W/Set (23W/Per)

Lumen: 2700LM/Set (1350LM/Per)

Light Source: LUXEON

Color: Up to 6000K

Voltage: DC12V

Guarantee: 5 Years

If safety is your priority and you’re seeking a crisp white LED headlight bulb with an extreme warranty in India, then Philips X-treme Ultinon LED car light will be the most recommended for your car.

Philips, as a leader in the automotive lighting industry, has always given top priority to product quality and night driving safety. Compared with many LED car lights on the market, Philips X-treme LED car lights do not pursue excessive brightness.

Instead, they use cutting-edge technology to ensure sufficient brightness while achieving excellent levels of light pattern and heat dissipation, fully complying with the road standards for safe driving. Philips’ dedication and attitude towards excellence have earned it widespread recognition and praise in the field of automotive lighting.

Philips X-treme Ultinon LEDs are rated at 6000K by Philips, but many customers found them to be more pure white with minimal blue or yellow tones. Despite not being the high-power LED car light option, the X-treme Ultinon LED lights can improve your visibility by up to 200%, thanks to its automotive grade LUXEON technology. 

We highly recommend them because their offer uniform and accurate beam pattern is designed according to road safety regulations for halogen headlight.

Additionally, be careful when selecting between headlight, fog light, and bike light models, as they may share similar packaging but differ in output and intended use.

BEST FEATURES: 5-Year Extended Warranty


200% more light than halogen

SafeBeam technology

5 years of warranty

6000K crisp white light

Innovative AirFlux & AirCool technologies

Compatible with many car models

-Best Recommended For Fog Light-

Wattage: 150W/Set (75W/Per)

Lumen: 24,000LM/Set (12,000LM/Per)

Light Source: 3570 LED Chip

Color: Up to 4300K

Voltage: DC12V

Guarantee: 2 Years

Autobahn F7 series 4300K LED headlight bulb is highly recommended for those looking for a warm white color in their headlight or fog light upgrade. This is a unique and welcome feature especially in India, as 4300K warm white is closely resembles that of an OEM halogen bulbs (usually around 3000K-3200K)


Powered by automotive-grade 3570 LED chips, these bulbs boast an impressive brightness of 75W 12000LM per bulb, surpassing many competitors in output. To maintain this high performance, Autobahn incorporates advanced cooling technology with triple vacuum cooling copper tubes and substrates, ensuring efficient heat dissipation for extended lifespan.


Equipped with a constant current IC driver, these LED bulbs ensure stable electric current, protecting the circuit and enhancing overall performance. The Autobahn F7 series has gained acclaim for its versatility, excelling in various applications including reflectors, projectors, and fog lights.


In many customers’ reviews, they found that the output of the 4500K variant was comparable to other 6000K LED headlight bulb with same high output. Highly recommended if you’re in search of an LED that mimics the warm white look of a halogen bulb while delivering significantly higher output than any halogen bulb could.    

BEST FEATURES: 4300K Warm White Suitable For Fog Light


24,000LM Ultra-High Brightness

4300K Warm White Best For Fog Light

Special Triple copper tube for faster cooling

Intelligent temperature control (120℃ on chip, 70℃ on driver)

2 years of warranty

-Best Performance LED Kit For Low Beam-

Wattage: 60W/Set (30W/Per)

Lumen: 4600LM/Set (2300LM/Per)

Light Source: ETI chips

Color: 6000K

Voltage: DC12V

Guarantee: 2 Years

Bosch iRIS LED headlight bulb is best recommended if you are searching for an LED car bulb in India that deliver spread low beam and can be installed in 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler vehicles.

Experience superior illumination with the Bosch Iris LED headlight bulbs, equipped with all-new super bright ETI chips that deliver 30W 2300 Lumen, 80% more brightness than conventional bulbs. Emitting a brilliant 6000K white light equivalent to daylight, these bulbs provide a soothing glow for oncoming traffic, ensuring safer night driving.

BOSCH IRIS sets itself apart from other LED headlight bulbs with its unique heat sink made of polycarbonate. This material offers exceptional impact resistance and allows for intricate designs. Additionally, polycarbonate is lighter than aluminum, contributing to a lighter overall headlight assembly.

With strong anti-interference features and electrode reverse protection, the Bosch Iris LED headlamps offer stable performance without high voltage pressure, unlike Xenon HID bulbs. Installation is a breeze with the plug-and-play design, allowing for easy retrofit of stock bulbs without any wire tampering or additional fitments required.

Designed for perfect lighting uniformity, these LED headlights maintain full accordance with halogen light center specifications, ensuring the ideal beam pattern for enhanced visibility on the road.

Whether your car or bike has H4, H7, H8, H11, H16, HB3, or HB4 models, BOSCH IRIS LED headlight bulb has you in cover!

BEST FEATURES: Quality Low Beam, 2-Wheeler Compatible


Super bright ETI chips for ultra-brightness

Instant full brightness

Great spread for low beam

Quality built from Bosch

Low power draw (just 30W each bulb)

Wide application for 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler

-Best LED Headlight For Simple Installation-

Wattage: 74W/Set (148W/Per)

Lumen: 7400LM/Set (14,800LM/Per)

Light Source: CSP Chip

Color: 6500K

Voltage: DC12V-24V

Guarantee: 2 Years

Maxxlink GT LED headlight bulb is a revolutionary lighting solution designed to enhance your driving experience with unparalleled brightness and performance.


Equipped with imported CSP LED chips, these bulbs deliver an impressive 74W 7400LM each bulb, providing a impressive 500% increase in visibility compared to standard halogen bulbs. With an illumination distance of up to 250 meters, navigating dark roads becomes effortless and safe.


What sets the Maxxlink GT series apart is its exceptional intensity of the light output. In low beam mode, these LED car bulbs boast a Lux rating of approximately 1124Lux, while high beam mode reaches around 1369Lux, far surpassing the performance of traditional halogen bulbs. (about 700Lux low beam, 1000Lux in high beam)


Additionally, the 1:1 lighting position enable Maxxlink GT LED bulbs have a precise beam pattern with a clear cutoff and focused beam, ensuring optimal visibility without blinding oncoming drivers.


Maxxlink GT series LED car bulbs set out as simple installation solution thanks to their flexible copper braid belt. This innovative design not only can increase the heat dissipation area,reducing power consumption by 60% but also leaving enough space for installation in various automotive headlight housings, and eliminating noise during operation.


What’s even more exciting is that consumers who purchase MAXXLINK GT series LED car lights will also receive an unexpected surprise – a pair of T10 car turn signals!


Among the many automotive LED headlights, MAXXLINK GT series LED headlights are undoubtedly a highly recommended fanless LED headlamp in India for its noiseless driving experience, efficient cooling, and increased brightness.

BEST FEATURES: Flexible Copper Braid + Mini Design


Fanless design, noiseless driving experience

Copper belt to maximum cooling space

Smaller size ensures easy installation

Compatible with 12V-24V vehicles

2 years of warranty

-Best Recommended For Reflector Headlight-

DHC F75 LED headlight bulb

Wattage: 150W/Set (75W/Per)

Lumen: 14,000LM/Set (7000LM/Per)

Light Source: Automotive Grade Chip

Color: 6000K

Voltage: DC9V-16V

Guarantee: 2 Years

Looking for superior illumination for you reflector headlight housing? Look no further than the DHC F75 LED Headlight bulbs, one of the best recommended LED headlight bulbs for nighttime driving in India.

These bulbs are engineered with cutting-edge automotive-grade LED chips, offering an impressive power output of 150W 14000LM per pair, along with a crisp 6000K color temperature. This ensures further and wider visibility, illuminating the road ahead so you can spot obstacles like deer, critters, and falling rocks from miles away, enabling you to react naturally and promptly.

Featuring an ultra-thin light emitting design and 12 LED chips per bulb, the DHC F75 bulbs deliver a perfect light pattern, focusing the light evenly without any dark spots or blinding glare for oncoming drivers. The intelligent IC driver ensures hassle-free installation with high compatibility across a wide range of vehicle models, offering error-free operation and a plug-and-play experience.

Furthermore, the DHC F75 bulbs are built to last, with a dual copper tube and whole aviation aluminum body that effectively dissipates heat away from the LED chips, maximizing both lifespan and performance. Even under continuous use for up to 12 hours a day, these bulbs can endure for many years, providing reliable and long-lasting illumination for your nighttime journeys.

BEST FEATURES: Flexible Copper Braid + Mini Design


12 months + 12 months free extended warranty

360 degree full lighting angle

14000LM per pair high brightness

Dual copper tube + fan for efficient cooling

Premium build quality from DHC Automotive

50,000+ Hrs lifespan

Best Recommended 3 Color For All Weather

Wattage: 60W/Set (30W/Per)

Lumen: 7200LM/Set (3600LM/Per)

Light Source: 9*43MIL+3*55MIL Flip Chip

Color: 6500K/4300K/3000K

Voltage: DC9V-16V

Guarantee: 2 Years

If you want a premium car LED bulb that is qualified for driving in all bad weather such as rainy, snowy, and foggy days. Then NAOEVO S4 Pro LED headlight bulbs is highly recommended!

Equipped with 9 pieces 43MIL+3 pieces 55MIL dual color flip chip, the S4 Pro LED headlight bulbs can be switched between three color – 6500K white, 4300K warm white, 3000K yellow, and strobe flashing model.

While most LED headlight bulbs only have one color option, either white or yellow. However the S4 Pro LED bulb integrates three color and flashing model in one bulb, the 6500K provide increased visibility during clear night, 4300K warm white is similar to that of original halogen, suitable for driving in rain and snow. 3000K produce a yellowish light that enhances contrast in poor weather conditions such as fog or hazy morning.

We strongly recommend the S4Pro LED bulb for its exceptional beam pattern. S4 Pro LED headlights have almost 1:1 mini size as halogen, 1.0 ultra-thin copper plate ensure narrow space of lighting point. The low beam will have clear and uniform cutoff, driver will have broader visibility and the high beam will have a far-reaching illumination to enhance visibility for greater distances.

To ensure a stable luminous output, S4 LED headlight bulbs are equipped with double sized copper, 7500RPM fan and smart driver to ensure a high thermal conductivity. What is certain is that under the same power conditions, S4Pro LED car lights have higher light efficacy and the power is more stable for long-term use.

As a brand product of NAOEVO, S4 Pro LED car lights have undergone more stringent quality testing and the 2-year warranty period fully demonstrates NAOEVO’s firm confidence in the quality of its products.

BEST FEATURES: Smart 3-Color Changing + Excellent Beam Pattern


3 color and flashing model combined in one bulb

7200Lumens pair for increased brightness

Mini design as original halogen bulb

Higher light efficacy

More stable output, no light decay

2 years of warranty

- Best Recommended High-Power LED Car Light-

Wattage: 260W/Set (130W/Per)

Lumen: 31200LM/Set (15600LM/Per)

Light Source: 70MIL Flip Chip

Color: 6500K

Voltage: DC9V-16V

Guarantee: 1 Year

NAOEVO NH LED headlight bulbs stand out as the brightest option on our list. We recommend them not only for their superior brightness but also for their flawless beam pattern, efficient heat dissipation, and distinctive design. 

Perhaps some consumers will think that the effects of LED car lights installed in the car headlight are similar. But NH LEDs do differ in this regard. These LED bulbs come with 70MIL flip chip, which features high intensity, focus lighting points, and better thermal. The application of quality flip chip enables NH to deliver an impressive high output of 130W 15600LM each bulb.

Since high-brightness LED car lights generate more heat, their heat dissipation design is crucial. NH LED car lights cleverly use two 4*51mm ultra-large copper tubes, which can achieve up to 40W of heat conduction. In addition, combined with 6063 aluminum and a 10,000RPM high-speed fan, the heat dissipation efficiency of NH LED car lights has been significantly improved, increasing by 2-3 times. This advanced design not only ensures the lights have a longer service life, but also provides them with excellent lighting effects.

To ensure a quality beam pattern, NH adopts concave design, this ensures a focus and uniform light beam pattern so drivers can see wider and further, best suitable for both projector and reflector headlight housing.

Perhaps you are looking forward to an LED car light with a novel and unique appearance. NH LED car lights stand out with their unique elephant design. The elephant symbolizes strength and longevity. NH unique elephant design not only enhances the aesthetic value of the car lights, It also allows consumers to feel the lighting effect as powerful as an elephant.

If you want to buy NH LED car lights wholesale, NAOEVO will provide the best factory prices.

BEST FEATURES: 31200LM Brightest Bulb + Good Beam Pattern


Unique elephant appearance

Ultra-high brightness (15600LM/bulb)

Double 4*51MM copper (40W heat transfer)

Concave design, more focus beam pattern

Wholesale purchase available (Factory prices)


Upgrade your car with the top-rated 9 LED headlight bulbs for unparalleled brightness and safety. From the innovative Bosch Iris to the high-performance NAOEVO NH, these recommendations ensure superior visibility on Indian roads. Don’t compromise on safety—choose the best quality car LED headlight bulbs for your car today and drive with confidence, even in the darkest nights.

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