7 Popular Car LED Lights in Delhi [2024 Updated]

India’s automotive lighting industry is quickly changing, switching from traditional halogen to LEDs. Numerous LED car light brands in India, especially in Delhi, are gaining popularity. It is because high-quality LED bulb for car often outperform stock halogen bulbs in terms of light efficiency, lifespan, and customization. LED headlight bulbs also increase safety by reducing the risks of glare.

In a market flooded with numerous LED headlight bulbs, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. This article aims to simplify your decision-making process by presenting a curated list of the top 7 car LED lights highly favored in Delhi in 2024. These products will be examined based on factors such as brightness, light beam pattern, heat dissipation, and overall appearance, providing a comprehensive assessment for your selection.

#1. NIGHTEYE NE-0011 Hi/Lo Beam (2 Bulbs)

Nighteye is one of the most trusted and popular brands in Delhi, India, owing to their wide range of best-budget and quality LED car light bulbs.

The Nighteye NE-0011 LED headlight bulbs take top spot on this list due to its excellent brightness output that they provide. Equipped with COB chip, these bulbs are able to offer an output of 4500LM 36W each bulb, which is sufficient for the vast majority of situation. Besides, they are able to save 40% more energy than halogen and HID bulbs.

With 12,000 RPM double roller cooling fan and unique integrated aluminum design for maximal heat dissipation, Nighteye LED headlight bulb enables longer bulb life and much-improved reliability. The IP65 waterproof makes the bulb perform well even you drive 12 hours every night.

Owing to their plug-n-play design, Nighteye LED headlight bulbs can be installed hardly within 15-20 minutes. If you are looking for a reliable LED bulb for your car in an affordable price, Nighteye NE-0011 LED headlight bulbs will be your best choice

LUMEN: 4500LM/Bulb




COLOR: 6500K

Pros Cons
Best-budget priceBulbs will generate excessive heat
Brilliant 6500K white lights that provide excellent visibility 
Impressive levels of luminosity 
Wide voltage compatible with 98% of vehicles 

#2. MAXBOT M80 H4 LED BULB 17000LM

MACBOT M80 LED bulb is another great option if you are looking for a high-brightness car LED light in Delhi. The MACBOT M80 LED bulbs are able to deliver a high-brightness of 8500LM and 80W each bulb, with this upgraded lighting solution, you can drive with confidence, especially during highway driving or in low-light conditions.

Some inferior LED car light may only deliver high brightness without ensuring the safety. However, the MACBOT M80 LED headlight bulbs produce a clear and focused beam pattern, ensuring maximum visibility without causing glare to oncoming drivers.

For heat dissipation, MACBOT M80 LED headlights are equipped with ultra-thin copper substrate and dual copper heat pipe, this latest cooling technology means they will transfer more heat to the external faster, thus ensuring the longevity of the bulbs and maintains their optimal performance even during extended periods of use.

LUMEN: 8500LM/Bulb


CHIP: Taiwan LED Chip


COLOR: 5800K


Pros Cons
Focus beam pattern with no dazzle or dark spotsSome vehicles may require additional Canbus decoder
Advanced cooling to ensure 50,000 hrs lifespanFan can be noisy
Easy installation, 10 minutes plug and plug 
5800K day-like white for better visibility 

#3. RDX800 Car LED Headlight

RD X800 LED car light is another popular product that you can find in many online shopping platform in Delhi.

Thanks to its mini design and upgraded visibility, the RD X800 LED headlight bulb is praised for its high illumination of 120W 11000LM, with its bright, white light and crisp cutoff lines when tested. These LED car lights are allowed drivers to see up to 120 meters further ahead than standard.

In order to achieve a longer lifespan, RD X800 LED headlight bulbs are incorporated with double copper heat pipe and high speed fan to cool down the heat efficiently, ensures more than 30,000 hrs lifespan and keep the LED bulbs always perform at the optimum brightness.

Some aftermarket LED headlight bulbs may cause Canbus error problem. Installing RD X800 LED car lights will greatly solve these problems because they come with external Canbus driver to allow the bulb to regulate the voltage so it works perfectly under varying voltage situations.

LUMEN: 5500LM/Bulb



COLOR: 6500K


Pros Cons
Easy to install, plug and playNot the most illuminating lights for your vehicle
Extremely bright and clean white lightShort lifespan
Fits for most cars and improves visibility 
Canbus error free, battery protection 

#4. NAOEVO P1 LED Car Bulb Lion Design

NAOEVO P1 is considered as the newest and most stylish LED car lights in Delhi of 2023. While most LED headlight bulbs in the market sport standard designs, the P1 LED headlight bulbs feature a die-casting technique. This process ensures a more flexible design and heightened durability for the bulbs.

According to the manufacturer, the lion symbolizes strength and courage as the “king of the jungle.” In line with this symbolism, the P1 LED light incorporates a high-intensity Flip chip, enabling it to emit a maximum brightness of 140W and 16800LM. The crown design within the lamp body signifies its position as the embodiment of brightness. The 6500K white allows you to see far and wider during night driving.

The high-power P1 LED headlight bulbs ensure a secure light beam pattern, benefiting from NAOEVO’s latest optical technology, providing a well-defined cutoff line with a consistent and focused beam pattern. Their identical lighting position as halogen bulbs ensures a perfect beam pattern across various headlight assemblies.

The P1 LED bulb is equipped with dual copper heat pipes, capable of transferring 30W of heat each time. Supported by a high-speed fan and hollow-carved heat sink, the P1 LED headlights effectively maintain a safe temperature, ensuring long-lasting brightness.

LUMEN: 8400LM/Bulb



COLOR: 6500K


Pros Cons
Unique die-casting lion designAble to hear the headlight fans run
16800LM superior high brightness 
Latest cooling technology, 50,000 hrs lifespan 
Canbus error free, no modifications 
2 Years long warranty 

#5. Carhatke 130W Automotive LED Bulb

If you’re looking for a high-performance LED headlight bulb for car and bike in Delhi, Carhatke Crystal Vision LED headlight kit is the perfect solution. The true 130W brightness ensure a strong and efficient illumination, significantly improving visibility on the road. With a color temperature of 6000K, these LED car bulbs emit a pure white light than resembles daylight, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Additionally, the Canbus driver helps to minimize flickering, error messages, and radio interference, resulting in a stable and reliable lighting solution.

One of the key highlights of Carhatke LED car lights is their double tube heat dissipation system. This smart technology ensures efficient cooling, preventing the bulbs from overheating and extending their lifespan to more than 30,000 hours.

The CarHatke LED bulbs are a plug-and-play solution, designed to seamlessly fit into standard bulb sockets without requiring any modifications or complex wiring. They are also equipped with an effective heat dissipation system to guarantee consistent, reliable performance even during prolonged usage.

LUMEN: 6800LM/Bulb




COLOR: 6000K


WARRANTY: 15 Months

Pros Cons
Compatible with most vehicles as a headlight or fog lightA bit finicky to install for some vehicles 
6000K crisp white light without any blueConsidered too bright by some oncoming drivers
Built-in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to prevent radio interference  

#6. NAOEVO NH Car LED Bulb 260W

NAOEVO has once again been successfully selected by us because they have introduced what is considered the brightest LED car headlights in the market – NH Series LED Bulb. NAOEVO is dedicated to ensuring that customers have access to cutting-edge LED technology at the most affordable pricing.

Just like the P1 LED light, they utilize the latest technology to provide a power of 260W 31200LM (set), which is said to be 500% brighter than halogen lights, significantly enhancing nighttime driving visibility.

Many people worry about the heat dissipation of high-power LED lights, but with NH LED, there’s no need to worry. The lamp uses bigger double copper pipes for heat dissipation, capable of transferring 40W of heat each time, which is more than the maximum 30W transfer rate of most LED lights on the market.

This significantly boosts the heat dissipation efficiency of the NH LED light. In addition, the built-in high-speed fan efficiently draws heat to the external environment, while intelligent temperature control rapidly manages the lamp body’s temperature to prevent overheating and damage.

NAOEVO’s product designs are always of high quality and innovative. The appearance of the NH LED lamp draws inspiration from the elephant. The golden heat sink cover infuses the lamp with vitality and energy. The elephant also symbolizes vigor and longevity. Experience the brightness brought by the NH LED lamp, and you’ll feel that it’s all worth it.

LUMEN: 15600LM/Bulb

WATTAGE: 130W/Bulb



COLOR: 6500K


Pros Cons
Unique and attractive elephant designMay cause excessive heat
31200LM high brightness and stable powerA little pricey compared to its competitors
6500K day-like white for upgraded visibility 
2-3 time longer lifespan compared to other LEDs 
Compatible with most car lighting system 
Available buying in a large quantity 

The Most Recommended LED Car Bulb

The above LED car light bulbs have all received numerous positive reviews from customers in Delhi. These bulbs vary in power, cooling method, performance of beam pattern and price so as to better to Delhi market. If you have a tight budget, it is advise to consider Nighteye and MACBOT LED bulb. If you pay more attention in the quality as well as price, we will highly recommend NAOEVO NH and NAOEVO P1 LED headlight bulbs.

Besides, NAOEVO is also provide all kinds of automotive lighting solution, click here to learn more.


At the culmination of this comprehensive article, our aim is for you to discover the perfect LED car bulb that meets your specific requirements. With a range of options presented, we hope you’ve found the ideal lighting solution that satisfies your needs.

These top 7 car LED lights in Delhi aim to provide not just illumination but an experience of enhanced safety, efficiency, and style on the roads. Here’s to choosing the best LED bulb that lights up your driving journey in Delhi.