T10 W5W LED Indicator Bulb No Polarity – NAOEVO NS30D Series

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Super Bright With 3030+3014 Chips

The NAOEVO NS30D LED interior lights offer outstanding quality with the most advanced technology at a price that beats the competition. Unlike standard halogen bulbs, these bulbs deliver 700 LMย high brightness. Boasting a 360 degree design, these bulbs house 2 SMD 3030 chips + 12 SMD 3014 chipsย that emit brilliant light in all directions. These bulbs were created to surpass leading brands’ performance while keeping costs low.


Canbus Error Free

The built-in decoding IC inside the bulb is essential for some special vehicles to avoid dashboard errors and flickering. The NS30D LED signal bulbs eliminate the need for extra LED resistors to resolve Canbus problem.


Fast Heat Dissipation

The body of this NS30D LED bulbs s constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and several hollow holes that enhances heat dissipation. Thus it results in a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours.



Product: NS30D
Wattage: 3W/Bulb
Lumens: 700 LM/Bulb
Chip Type: 2SMD 3030 Chips +12SMD 3014 Chips
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Current: 0.12A
Color: White/Red/Amber/Crystal Blue
Warranty: 1 Year
Usage: License plate lights, cabin lights, dome lights, map lights, clearance lights, reverse lights, etc.


Package Included

2 x NAOEVO LED Signal Bulbs


Fit Size

T10, W5W, 194, 168

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Amber, Crystal Blue, Red, White


3 Watts/Bulb


700 Lumens/Bulb


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