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45W 5000LM LED Headlight Bulb | NAOEVO GT6 Series

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Featuring with 45W, 5000LM per bulb, NAOEVO GT6 puts up 6500K color temperature for dramatically improving your visibility in darkness. Equipped with a single copper heat pipe and intelligent thermistor, GT6 effectively derives the heat from the chips, expanding its lifespan to over 30,000 hours, preventing light breakdown when you driving on the dim road. Plug-and-play design without extra wiring. In addition, GT6 LED headlight kit contains a working voltage of 12V and 24V, which is compatible with most vehicles. Here are some exceptional details about NAOEVO GT6.


✅Super High Brightness

GT6 LED automotive bulbs are designed to impress with their cutting-edge lighting technology with 45W, 5000LM, 300% higher luminous effectively than traditional halogen bulbs. Possessing 6500K cool white light almost the same as daylight to ensure an extremely pleasant and safe drive. GT6 projector headlight bulb produces brighter, more concentrated light allowing further illumination rang, no glare to oncoming traffic.


✅Efficient Heat Dissipation

Equipped with a single copper heat pipe and thermistor cooling system, GT6 achieves a dramatically upgrade in heat dissipation as well as the protection in LED bulbs. A single copper heat pipe can transfer the heat of 10W each time. Thanks to the thermistor cooling system, it protects the bulb in time from over-temperature. What’s more, with an external driver, GT6 can better separate the power supply from the lamp body, reducing light decay and improving light dissipation. In this case, GT6 bulbs can ensure a longer lifespan of over 30,000 hours.


✅Perfect Beam Pattern

NAOEVO GT6 car bulb offers a nice beam pattern with 45°cut-off angle for low beam and super focused light when it comes to high beam. With this superior beam pattern, GT6 Bulbs will allow you to see further ahead so you can easily spot vehicles, pedestrians or obstacles in the distance. It is GT6 that makes you drive with great confidence!



The working voltage of 12V and 24V are both can be used in a wider range of vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses. Properly equipped with a decoder, GT6 Bulbs can effectively deal with the problems of error codes, radio interference and flickering, avoiding incompatibility that happened in your cars.



GT6 LED auto bulbs have almost 1:1 mini design the same as halogen. Its plug-and-play use can be perfectly integrated into your vehicles without any modification.



Power: 45W/Bulb, 90W/Set
Lumen: 5000 LM/Bulb, 10000 LM/Set
Kevin: 6500K
Input voltage: 12V/24V
Led emitters: 3×77mil NAO custom flip chip
Lifespan: 30,000 hours
Heat dissipation: integration of aluminum radiator and high-speed mute fan
Model: H1 H3 H4 H7 H10 H8/H9/H11 H13 9004 9007 9005 9006 9012 5202 880/881LED Bulb: 2 bulbs + 1 manual
Warranty: 2 years

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6500K Cool White


45 Watts/Bulb


5000 Lumens/Bulb


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