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NAOEVO, a leading automotive LED lights manufacturer, has recently introduced its latest NT LED headlight bulb, which promises to be the most stylish LED bulb in the automotive lighting industry. This new LED car light bulb boasts several features that set it apart from its predecessors and competitors, making it a must-have for every car owner who wants the best value-for-money lighting solution. Now, let’s dig out why NT LED bulbs are a great investment for customers.


✅Stylish Rabbit Design

One of the most attractive features of the NT LED headlight bulbs is its “Rabbit Design.” 2023 is the year of the rabbit in China, the NT LED bulb profoundly demonstrates the rabbit spirit: Speed, Cleverness, and Lucky.

Rabbits are clever enough to jump over obstacles with great speed, just like the NT LED headlight bulbs, they provide instant and stunning brightness, so you can react quickly and agilely to any obstacles at night. Rabbit is associated with good luck. Drivers who use this NT LED bulb can feel confident and safe, knowing that the rabbit’s good fortune is with them.

Additionally, rabbits are known for their sharp vision and keen senses, which align with NAOEVO, we have rabbit-like insight into the market, and the NT LED headlight bulbs meet market needs and trends. With the NT LED headlight bulbs, you can “jump” to a higher level in your career, and is capable of “multiplying” profits for your business.


✅Increased Brightness

One of the main benefits of NT LED headlight bulbs is their improved visibility. Equipped with a 6pcs*55mil high power flip chip, the NT LED headlight kits produce incredible brightness with an output of 80W 9600LM, 300% more light than traditional halogen bulbs. This means that drivers can see further and more clearly on the road, enhancing their safety and driving experience. The NT LED bulb achieves this exceptional brightness through its use of advanced LED technology, which allows for a more efficient conversion of electrical energy into light.


✅Safe Light Beam Pattern

The NT LED headlight bulb uses NAOEVO’s patented optical technology, which ensures that the bulbs produce a clear cutoff line on the road. The best optical alignment of the LED chips contributes to producing a wide and uniform light beam. The 1.5 mm ultra-slim copper substrate greatly simulates the lighting position of halogen bulbs.

Moreover, the 360-degree rotatable holder makes the perfect light beam pattern available for different types of headlight assemblies. This technology helps to improve overall driving safety by reducing the risk of accidents caused by glare.


✅Longer Lifespan

Better heat management means a longer lifespan of LED headlight bulbs. The NT LED headlight bulb’s internally opposed 1.5mm thin copper substrate extract as much heat as possible from the area surrounding the LED chips and transfers it to the heat sink. The all-in-one heat sink is made from 6063 aluminum, and inside is a 7,500 RPM high-speed fan. The NT LED headlight bulb provides the most effective way of cooling, thus ensuring a lifespan of over 30,000 hours.


✅Easy Installation

The NT LED headlight bulb is also very easy to install, with a simple plug-and-play design that requires no additional wiring or modifications. This makes it a convenient and hassle-free replacement for existing headlights and ensures that anyone can install it without the need for professional assistance.



Power: 40W/Bulb
Lumen: 4800LM/Bulb
Color: 6500K White
Lifespan: 30,000 Hrs
Input Voltage: DV9-16V
Operating Voltage: 13.5V
Current: 2.96A
Chip: Flip Chip
Warranty: 1Year




Q1: Production and Storage Capability

We supply more than 2 million LED headlight kits per year. We maintain more than 10,000 finished products in stock for fast delivery.


Q2: How to become an exclusive distributor & dealer?

Become a distributor of NAOEVO, you will enjoy a series of benefits to promote your business. If you want to join us and be a part of our success story, contact us today!


Q3: About the quality

Our LED headlight bulbs have passed ISO9001 certification and all of the bulbs are IP67 rated. NAOEVO ensures that all the LED bulbs are tested in every production process, which may include testing for brightness, color temperature, beam pattern, quality, and aging. We make sure that every customer receives a high-quality product.


Q4: Why Choose NAOEVO as Your Partner?

1) Focus on a high-quality, high-power LED headlight bulb
2) Good at research and development
3) Best and comprehensive customized services
4) Strong productivity, fast delivery time
5) Exclusive distributor benefits
6) Best factory & wholesale price

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