Top 5 Wholesale H4 LED Headlight Bulbs In 2024

Quality LED headlight bulbs will improve visibility and road safety on the road, which helps to establish your reputation as a reliable supplier of top-notch products. Among the many LED bulb models, the H4 is the most common model. There’s a bunch of auto lighting manufacturers producing H4 LED bulbs, making it challenging to determine which ones are of good quality.

By purchasing quality H4 LED bulbs at wholesale prices from a reliable manufacturer in China, you will save money while still providing your customers with a superior product. Thus, in this article, we will take a look at the top 5 best and latest H4 LED headlight bulbs that are available at wholesale prices in 2024.

Top 5 Most Popular Wholesale H4 LED Bulbs For Car In 2024

NAOEVO NG H4 90W 10800LM LED Headlight Bulb

NAOEVO NG H4 LED Headlight Bulbs 21600LM Mr. Eagle [2024 New]

Brightest H4 LED Bulb For Best Wholesale Prices

  • Stylish eagle design
  • 21600LM upgraded brightness
  • Bigger heat pipe, efficient cooling
  • Clear and even light beam pattern
  • 2-year warranty

Our first pick for wholesale H4 LED headlight bulbs is NAOEVO NG series, which offers high brightness and stylish design at a competitive price. Equipped with large-size 70 MIL flip chip, the NG H4 LED car light bulbs provide maximal brightness of 180W 21600LM. The NG LED bulbs are inspired by the flying eagle, making your car stand out from the crowd.  


The NG H4 LED headlight bulbs are tested at a distance of 20 feet in projector so that you will get a clear idea of their brightness.

For the projector test, these NG H4 LED headlight bulbs came in at 3900 Lux (High beam) 3600 Lux (Low beam) – which is very bright and offered a wide view of the surrounding area. Moreover, after leaving them in use for 30 minutes, the bulbs maintained 88% of their initial brightness, making them an excellent choice for use in dark rural street.

The Light Beam Pattern

The NG H4 LED headlight bulbs are designed with advanced optical technology, so that they can deliver clear and focused cutoff line with a wide, even brightness. The NG H4 LED bulbs make a good balance of increased brightness while maintaining well-defined beam with no dark spots or shadows.

Color Temperature

The NG H4 LED headlight bulbs comes in at 6500 Kelvins. This color temperature is also known as “daylight white” and is considered to be the most comfortable and safest for driving at night. Besides, the natural-looking white light also upgrade your car headlight into a higher level.

Heat Management

High power H4 LED bulb generate amount of heat which can reduce their lifespan. The NG H4 LED bulbs are design with upgraded dual copper heat pipes so that they can achieve 30W of heat transfer each time. With the help of large area of heat sink fins and high-speed fan. The NG H4 LED bulbs operate at a safe temperatures, leading to better brightness and longer lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Unique Eagle Design

The NG H4 LED bulbs are inspired by soaring eagle, meeting your requirement for stylish H4 LED bulbs. Just like the Eagle, NG H4 LED headlight bulb delivers ultra-high brightness instantly. Never surrender to the dark. NG provides the maximal brightness so you can drive at night confidently.

Bulb TypeH4
Power90W / Bulb
Lumen10800LM / Bulb
Lifespan50,000 hours
Wholesale PurchaseYes

NAOEVO NL H4 LED Headlight Bulbs 21600LM Mr.Bull [New]

Most Stylish H4 LED Headlight Bulb With Bull Design

  • Stylish bull design
  • 21600LM upgraded brightness
  • Dual copper heat pipe, longer lifespan
  • Perfect light beam pattern without any glare
  • Canbus error free

The NL H4 LED headlight bulbs are one of the latest products from NAOEVO, which promises to deliver unparalleled brightness with unique bull design for drivers. The new NL H4 LED headlight bulb is designed to replace traditional halogen bulbs, providing a significant upgrade in terms of lighting performance and aesthetics look.

Intense Brightness

At the heart of the H4 LED headlight bulb is NAOEVO’s advanced LED technology, which produces a bright and intense light than illuminates the road ahead with exceptional clarity. Thanks to the quality flip chip, these NL H4 LED bulbs are able toe deliver a stable high brightness of 180W 21600LM per set.

Effective Cooling

One of the most impressive features of the NL H4 LED headlight bulbs is its long lifespan. Unlike traditional halogen bulbs that need to be replaced every few thousand miles, the NL H4 LED bulb can last up to 5 times longer, thanks to its dual copper heat pipe, high speed fan and 6063 aluminum.

Excellent Light Beam

The perfect light beam pattern of NL H4 LED bulb is achieved through precise engineering and design, which ensures that the light is emitted in a specific direction and angle. With its perfect light beam pattern, NL H4 LED headlight bulbs provide a superior lighting solution that can significantly enhance the driving experience. Whether driving in low light conditions or at night, NAOEVO LED headlight bulbs can provide a clear and bright view of the road ahead, making them a popular choice among car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

Unique Bull Design

Bulls are known for their physical strength and power, the NL H4 LED headlight bulbs are designed to deliver strong brightness, giving you the power of bull so drivers can see clearly at night. The cover of the box was designed as a dramatic bullring. Whether you’re a wholesale or a retailer, selling this bull design H4 LED headlight will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Bulb TypeH4
Power90W / Bulb
Lumen10800LM / Bulb
Lifespan50,000 hours
Input VoltageDC9-16V
Working Voltage13.5V
CustomizationPackaging, logo, light color,etc

NAOEVO NT H4 40W 4800LM LED Headlight Bulb

NAOEVO NT H4 LED Headlight Bulbs 9600LM Rabbit Design

Superior Brightness H4 LED Bulb With Rabbit Design

  • Modern rabbit design
  • 9600LM exceptional brightness
  • 1.5MM slim copper substrate
  • Intelligent temperature driver
  • All-in-one design easy fitment

Here is NAOEVO’s latest rabbit design NT series H4 LED headlight bulb in 2023. Inspire by stylish rabbit, the lamp body is designed with rabbit ears while the heat sink cover is a shape of rabbit.

Exceptional Brightness

If you want to bulk purchase high-end H4 LED headlights but without such a high output like NG, then it is advisable to choose NT H4 LED headlight bulbs. With 55mil flip chip, the NT H4 LED bulbs tend to offer an output of 80W 9600LM pair, which is 300% brighter than stock halogen.

Beam Pattern

As a reliable manufacturer, NAOEVO knows how important the light beam pattern. Equipped with 1.5mm slim copper substrate and compact size, the NT LED bulbs are designed with the same lighting position as halogen, thus offering standard and perfect light beam pattern.

Efficient Cooling

In order to have a better performance and longer lifespan, the NT H4 LED bulbs come with 6063 aluminum and high speed cooling fan, the smart temperature control driver protect the bulb from less than 1% defective rate.

Plug-N-Play Use

Just remove the old halogen bulb and insert the new NT H4. This NT LED bulb is all-in-one design without external driver, so it can be easily installed in your headlight housing, leaving enough space for cooling.

Bulb TypeH4
Power40W / Bulb
Lumen4800LM / Bulb
Lifespan50,000 hours
Input VoltageDC9-16V
Working Voltage13.5V
CustomizationPackaging, logo, light color,etc

NAOEVO NR H4 55W 6600LM LED Headlight Bulb

NAOEVO NR H4 LED Light Bulbs 110W 13200LM Rocket Design 

Mini H4 LED Bulb With Rocket Design

  • Aesthetics rocket design
  • 110W 13200LM excellent brightness
  • 1:1 mini design as halogen bulb
  • Bigger heat pipe 2X faster cooling
  • Competitive wholesale prices

Looking for mini H4 LED bulbs with high brightness and stylish design? The NAOEVO NR series H4 LED headlights should be your top consideration. The unique and modern Rocket design of the NR represents maximal and instant bright and prosperity of business like a flying rocket. In this case, the NR H4 LED bulbs have been one of the hot-selling products around the globe.

High Lumens H4 LED Bulb

With cutting-edge LED technology, the NR H4 LED bulb provides unparalleled visibility and clarity with an output of 110W 13200LM, making it safer and easier to navigate the roads in the dark.

Clear & Uniform Beam

To avoid glare light, the NR H4 LED bulbs offer a brighter, wider and more intense beam that reaches further down the road. The clear cutoff light illuminate obstacles and potential hazards while reducing glare to other drivers.

More Efficient Cooling

Equipped with a copper heat pipe, this mini NR H4 LED headlight bulbs are able to transfer 20W of heat away from the chips and into the surrounding air. The heat sink is design with fins and the built-in fan to further enhance the cooling performance and reliability of the bulbs.

Mini Size As Halogen

The NR H4 LED bulbs are designed as mini as halogen bulbs, perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification, just plug and play.

Bulb TypeH4
Power55W / Bulb
Lumen6600LM / Bulb
Lifespan50,000 hours
Input VoltageDC9-16V
Working Voltage13.5V
CustomizationPackaging, logo, light color,etc

H4-NAOEVO S4PRO 3 Colors 30W 3600LM LED Headlight Bulb

NAOEVO S4 Pro H4 LED Light Bulbs 3 Color 6500K/4300K/3000K   

3 Color H4 LED Bulb For All Weather Condition

  • 3 color changing to drive in all weather
  • 110W 13200LM excellent brightness
  • 1:1 mini size as original bulb
  • 15 minutes plug-n-play
  • Canbus to fit 98% of vehicles

The NAOEVO S4 Pro H4 LED headlight bulb is a versatile and innovative product that allows you to switch between 3 color (6500K/4300K/3000K) to meet different weather conditions such as rainy, snowy, foggy, and misty. The mini design provides an easy plug-n-play solution, making them compatible with most vehicles.  

Smart 3 Color Changing

Some countries such as India, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, UK, etc commonly occur extreme weather. The S4 Pro H4 LED headlight bulbs offer 3 color so that drivers have better visibility in adverse weather. The 6500K white is designed to improve visibility at ordinary night. The 4300K and 3000K have the best penetrating force on rainy, foggy, snowy and smoggy days.

Safe Light Beam Pattern

With a rotatable retainer, the S4 pro H4 LED bulbs are allowed to adjust for 360 degree to get a perfect beam pattern. The clear, focus, and wide light beam makes drivers see comfortably without dazzling oncoming vehicles.

Mini As Halogen

The mini-sized S4 pro H4 LED bulb is almost 1:1 the same size as halogen bulbs, definitely fits 98% of vehicles without any modification.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

These H4 LED car bulb dissipates the heat efficiently by drawing high temperature out of the chip with 1.0 MM double-sided copper substrate, 6063 aluminum and 7500RPM high-speed mute fan, achieving effective heat dissipation for a longer lifespan to over 30,000 hours.

Bulb TypeH4
Power 30W / Bulb
Lumen3600LM / Bulb
Lifespan30,000 hours
Input VoltageDC9-16V
Working Voltage13.5V
CustomizationPackaging, logo, light color,etc

NAOEVO – A Reliable Chinese Manufacturer to Supply Wholesale H4 LED Bulbs

If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality manufacturer to supply wholesale H4 LED car light bulbs, then look no further than NAOEVO. With 17 years of experience in automotive lighting, NAOEVO has become a well-known supplier to provide LED headlight bulbs in more than 60 countries and regions, including Europe, America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, and has worked with over 40 distributors around the globe.

Quality is priority, NAOEVO use only the highest quality materials and components to manufacture their LED headlight bulbs. The team of skilled engineers and technicians work diligently to ensure that all products meets strict quality control standard.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on H4 LED bulbs for your retail store or wholesale. NAOEVO offers competitive pricing on bulk orders and exceptional customer service to ensure your satisfaction!

FAQ About Wholesale H4 LED Bulb

Q: Why NAOEVO Can Supply H4 LED Headlights at Wholesale Prices?

A: NAOEVO has in-house factory to eliminate the middleman and sell H4 LED bulbs directly to retailers or distributors. Besides, with 17 years experience in LED car light manufacturing, NAOEVO can control the raw material costs. NAOEVO aims to make our customers to get the maximum profit to achieve a win-win solution.

Q: Can I Get A Discount On H4 LED Headlight Bulbs?

A: Yes. NAOEVO offers discounts for H4 LED bulbs based on the quantity ordered. The larger the order, the greater the discount. If you want to purchase H4 LED headlight bulbs in bulk at wholesale factory prices, contact us today to get the best quote!

Q: Can I Customize H4 LED Headlights According To My Requirements?

A: Yes, NAOEVO offers customization options for a large order of H4 LED car light bulbs, such as custom packaging, logo, light color, or branding. But some options may come with additional costs and minimum order requirements.