Are NAOEVO LED Car Lights Worth Buying? | Full Review

With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED headlight bulb has been widely used in the automotive field. With their high brightness, perfect beam pattern, long lifespan and durability, more and more car owners choose to replace their original halogen lamps with new LED headlight bulbs.

Against this background, NAOEVO, one of the most popular auto LED lighting brands on the market, has won the favor of customers with its excellent quality and after-sales service. So is NAOEVO a good brand? What are the unique features of NAOEVO LED car lights? Are NAOEVO LED headlight bulbs worth buying?

Thus, in this blog, we will present to you some main features of NAOEVO LED headlight bulbs. We hope this article will help you choose the right LED lights for your car.

Are NAOEVO LED Headlight Bulbs Worth Buying?

Floating Lumen And Stable Lumen

[Different LED Headlight Comparison: Initial Lumens vs. Stable Lumens]

When choosing LED car lights, the lumen is indeed crucial because it directly affects the brightness of the LED bulb. However, lumens can vary, you need to care about the floating lumen and stable lumen of this car LED light.

Due to the lack of technical support, some inferior LED car lights can only increase the instant brightness by increasing the wattage and lumens. In other words, when the bulb is lit, the lumen and wattage is high but drop rapidly after just half an hour.

For example, an LED headlight bulb marked with 6,000LM has an actual 2,000LM. This indicates that the lumen of the LED car light fluctuates greatly, which can easily lead to light decay and in not conducive to improving visibility at night.

On the contrary, a good quality LED car headlight has stable lumens and wattage. For example, NAOEVO has 18 years of experience in automotive LED lamp production and research and development, and is backed by mature LED lighting technology.

The products produced by NAOEVO, such as GT6, NL, and P1 series LED car lights, have stable lumens and wattage. They can always ensure continuous and consistent brightness no matter how long they are used.

Light Beam Pattern

[NAOEVO LED Bulb Light Beam Pattern]

The light beam pattern of LED headlight bulbs is crucial for safe driving, as it determines how effectively the road is illuminated. However, there are still many LED headlight bulbs deliver a poor light beam pattern. This is mainly due to various reasons, such as the improper lighting position, excessive thickness between the lamps beads, and poor LED chips.

However, NAOEVO effectively solved this problem! Their LED headlight bulbs utilize high-intensity flip chip, featuring high brightness, full illumination, and reliability. Additionally, NAOEVO’s custom-made chip arrangement also contributes to a clear cutoff line along with a wide and uniform light beam pattern.

NAOEVO’s reliable light pattern not only helps improve the visibility at night, but also ensures that it does not cause dazzling light to oncoming vehicles.


[Overall Performance: NAOEVO vs. Others LED Car Light]

Except for the brightness, long lifespan is another significant features of LED headlight bulbs. When buying LED car lights, it’s better to consider the wattage and lumens as well as the heat dissipation.

The brighter the bulb, the higher the wattage, the more heat is generated. If the heat is accumulated in the lamp and cannot be dissipated in time, the LED car bulbs will easily decay or even break. In series cases, it can even endanger safety.

However, NAOEVO LED headlight bulbs take a good balance of output, brightness, heat dissipation, and lifespan. The reason is that they incorporate the multiple cooling technologies such as hydraulic fan, liquid copper tube, aluminum fins, and smart temperature controller.

Canbus Error Free

Buying Canbus error-free LED headlight bulbs is important for upgrading your original bulbs. These LED headlight bulbs come with internal or external Canbus driver, ensuring seamless integration with the vehicle’s electrical system. By eliminating decoding issues, they provide reliable performance, minimize the risk of error codes such as flickering, radio interference, dashboard warning, etc.

In this regard, NAOEVO LED bulbs are a trustworthy choice. They have intelligent Canbus drivers and are compatible with 98% of automotive systems on the market. In addition, their retainer and power plugs are strictly designed according to the original car halogen lamps, enabling plug-and-play, and the installation process is extremely simple.


Opting for LED headlight bulbs with certification guarantees quality, safety, and performance standards. Certification ensures that the bulbs meet industry requirements for brightness, durability, and compatibility with vehicle electrical systems.

Additionally, certified bulbs undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety standards, reducing the risk of malfunctions or hazards. By choosing certified LED bulbs, drivers can trust in their reliability, longevity, and adherence to quality standards, providing peace of mind and confidence on the road.

NAOEVO LED headlight bulbs are regulated by DOT, E-mark, RoHS. CE. This instills their confidence in the product’s reliability, longevity and adherence to regulations.

NAOEVO: The Best Bulk LED Car Lights Manufacturer You Can Trust

NAOEVO is one of the largest automotive lighting manufacturers in China.

“NAO” is an abbreviation of ‘Nine And One’, which refers to the concept of striving for excellence. It means aiming for a quality level of 9 out of 10, with the “+1” representing an additional effort to go above and beyond to achieve perfect-ten.

“EVO” means “Evolution,” referring to the process of continually evolve to stay developmental, innovative, and competitive. This is what keeps us dynamics in the market.

Founded in 2006, they have been committed to research and development and LED car lights production. They provide a wide range or products which included LED headlight bulbs, motorcycle LED bulbs, off-road LED work lights and LED light bars. All these products are hot-selling in South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, etc.

Independent Factory

The NAOEVO factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has more than 300 production employees and more than 20 professional engineers. The factory has introduced cutting-edge equipment such as SMT machine, soldering machine, and can produce up to 4 million sets of LED lights per year.

Available in OEM/ODM Orders

NAOEVO also offers a series of customized services to meet customer needs. These include logo customization, packaging customization, product appearance customization, color temperature customization, and driver customization. Customers only need to provide relevant materials and requirements, and NAOEVO’s professional team will work tirelessly to create unique customized products for them.

Distributor Support

Currently, NAOEVO has established 40+ agents worldwide including national agents, brand-product agents, and special-product distributors.

Becoming a NAOEVO agent offers numerous benefits, including special agent pricing, minimum order quantities, priority access to new products, electronic posters, product catalogs, and free promotion.

If you want to find a reliable manufacturer and start your business, becoming a distributor of NAOEVO is a good way.