NAOEVO’s Successful Exhibition in Automechanika Shanghai

From November 29 to December 2, 2023, the four-day Automechanika Shanghai Show concluded successfully.

This exhibition brings together automotive LED lighting suppliers, professional buyers and companies from the entire automotive industry chain from all over the world. On this platform, we have witnessed the global premiere of the latest products, technologies and solutions, playing an active role in promoting the innovative development of the automotive industry.

As a leader in the automotive lighting industry, NAOEVO is very honored to participate in this exhibition. During the four-day exhibition, NAOEVO received the attention and support of many domestic buyers. Now, let us review the wonderful moments at the exhibition together!

In The Exhibition

During the exhibition, NAOEVO attracted a large number of visitors with its brand awareness and eye-catching booth design. There was an endless stream of visitors to the NAOEVO booth, and the atmosphere on site was very lively for inquiries and cooperation negotiations.

The Latest Automotive Led Lighting Technology

After four days of exhibition, NAOEVO company successfully demonstrated the latest technology of automotive LED headlights.

In particular, their products NG, NH, NW, P1, and NI have become the focus of attention with their high brightness, high-quality light pattern, unique design style and ultra-long service life. The excellent performance and unique design of these products will undoubtedly bring new revolutionary changes in the field of automotive lighting.

NH LED headlight bulbs have the highest brightness of all field LED lights. It uses a high-power flip chip independently developed by NAOEVO, and each lamp can reach a brightness of 130W 15600LM. The chip arrangement developed by NAOEVO makes the light emitted by NH LED lights more uniform, wider and without dark areas, thus greatly improving the safety of night driving.

Thanks to high-quality chips and harmonious layout design, NH series products have excellent optical performance. The low beam shows a clear cutoff line, while the high beam is highly focused. This design aims to significantly reduce the dazzling phenomenon that may be caused by high-brightness LED light sources, ensuring clear vision for the driver and ensuring the safety of oncoming vehicles.

The audience was mostly attracted by NH’s elephant design. The appearance design of NH LED lights is inspired by the elephant, the largest mammal on land, which symbolizes strength, reliability and longevity. NH fully demonstrates these qualities and reflects their excellence in brightness from the side.

In addition, NAOEVO S3MAX also attracted widespread attention during the exhibition. S3MAX is an upgraded version of NAOEVO Mini S3 LED lamp, its power is upgraded to 45W, 5000LM per lamp, while the power of Mini S3 is only 30W, 3600LM per lamp.

S3MAX has significantly improved brightness while still maintaining its mini design, which makes it easier to integrate into most vehicle assemblies.

The upgrade in brightness represents an increase in illumination, which significantly enhances the visual perception of night driving.

Final Word

As an automotive LED headlight manufacturer with 17 years of experience, NAOEVO perfectly demonstrates the craftsmanship of excellence in LED automotive headlight manufacturing. With its high-quality products and brand strength, it has attracted the attention of many customers. In the past four days, the NAOEVO booth has received countless visiting customers. Through in-depth exchanges, more customers have learned about NAEVO’s determination to only produce high-quality automotive LED headlights.

NAOEVO is committed to assisting global automotive lighting suppliers and agents in various countries and regions to achieve precise marketing, accelerate customer expansion, maintain stable profitability, and jointly grasp the vast blue ocean of the automotive aftermarket to achieve win-win development.

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