Quality Custom NA LED Headlights 60W 7200LM | NAOEVO

Quality Custom NA LED Headlights 60W 7200LM | NAOEVO

 Are you tired of driving with your dim halogen bulbs, or being annoyed with LED that is too big to fit the vehicle and has a dark area? Driven by our striving for high quality and innovation, NAOEVO, a LED headlight bulb supplier, highly recommends our latest product for you --- NA bulb. Equipped with an all-in-one design, NA bulb fits 99% of vehicles without any modification and brings an accurate light beam pattern without dark area, 200% brighter than halogen bulbs.

High Brightness

Equipped with 9pcs 43MIL flip chips, NA bulb provides a high brightness of 30W, 3600LM per bulb, 200% impressive brighter compared to original halogen bulb. With a 6500K color temperature, NA bulb produces a cool white light without yellowy appearance like halogen nor blue tint notorious to Xenon, much easier to see at night. Definitely a smart choice!

Compact Design

Some car-lovers are confronted with the problems that the LED bulbs have difficulty in installing. With an interior driver, and a mini-sized design, the same size close to halogen bulb, NA provides all-in-one design for plug-and-play use, this bulb is directly fitted in the projector or housing within 10 minutes. NA is favored for its compact size and high brightness.


Perfect Beam Pattern

Some LED bands occur the problems that the light beam pattern is so sharp that causes dazzling, or not focused for clear visibility. Therefore, NA is highly recommended for you because of its perfect beam pattern. Thanks to the outstanding 9pcs 43MIL flip chips, NA bulb achieve more complete light beam pattern with no blind zone. With a perfect 45°cutoff line on low beam and super concentrated light on high beam, 360° rotatable retainer to adjust the beam pattern for different cars. The standard beam pattern of NA throws light on the road at an appropriate angle, projecting a modern white light so that you can always stand out from the crowd.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Optimal performance with superior durability makes for 30,000 hours long lifespan. These LED bulbs deprive the heat more efficiently through a build-in high-speed mute fan and diamond protected aluminum cover. Adopted by an intelligent temperature control driver, NA bulb performs at the highest level of brightness for a longer period of time under normal working temperature.


Enjoy a Modern-look Experience

NA bulbs are popular with a unique diamond protected aluminum cover at the bottom,integrated with 6500K cool white light. Driving with NA bulbs on your car make you shine brighter.


NAOEVO is a professional led headlight manufacturer who specializes in producing the best LED headlight bulbs for over 15 years. Quality first is always our priority, which makes us stand in a leading position in the field of automotive LED bulbs.

Have a try with NA, we are confident that it won’t let you down!

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