NAOEVO Brand Distributor Stories #2

NAOEVO Brand Distributor Stories #2

NAOEVO Brand Distributor Stories #2:

CARTECH from Greece

Adonis is our NAOEVO brand distributor in Greece.

Adonis has been in the car parts industry for over 30 years with enormous strength. The company and their own brands are also well known in Greece and surrounding countries.

In 2017, Adonis visited our booth in the Spring Canton Fair and had a conversation with us for the first time. By then, halogen lights were the main products in Greece and LED lights were still new and not widely accepted. So we didn’t get a chance to cooperate. In the next few years, LED lights became more popular in the European market and Adonis decided to purchase LED headlights. After comparing a few factories, Adonis finally decided to cooperate with us. In December 2019, Adonis visited our booth in Automechanika Shanghai. By then, NAOEVO was already a famous brand and after knowing our brand influence in China, Adonis became more confident in promoting our NAOEVO brand. We developed a series of NAOEVO brand products with unique designs, high brightness, which is 30-50% higher than our competition, perfect light shape and top quality. Thanks to our product quality and strict market protection policy, Adonis was the only company that we supplied in Greece and NAOEVO products were not sold to trading companies, and thus, Adonis was the only company that had NAOEVO products. All other Greek companies had to buy from Adonis. Adonis cooperated with us once only and showed great trust in us and became a distributor of NAOEVO car LED headlights in Greece.

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