NAOEVO Brand Distributor Stories #1

NAOEVO Brand Distributor Stories #1

NAOEVO Brand Distributor Stories #1:

NIKEN from Turkey

With 45 years of history, NIKEN has tremendous influence and is a well known name in the car parts industry in Turkey. During the Fall Canton Fair of 2015, Mel and his father visited our booth and prepared to leave after a few glances of our products.

“Are you already selling LED headlights?” I asked.

“Yes.” Mel answered.

“Who’s your supplier?”, I asked again.

“We bought real 40W LED headlight from LIANCHENG.” Mel said confidently.

Then, I took out a sample from LIANCHENG and started testing it in front of them. To their surprise, the tester showed 20W only.

So he asked: “How come only 20W? He told us it’s 40W.”

Then, I tested our sample and the tester showed 36W. They were very happy with our products and took a few of our samples, and went to our factory the next day.

After witnessing our production line, he said: “We’ve been to many LED headlight factories and you are the most professional one.”

After a few months of testing samples, they finally placed an order of 2,000 sets of car LED headlights. After two years of cooperation, NIKEN realized that we were also supplying other car light companies in Turkey, but he wanted to be the exclusive distributor in their country. After a comprehensive evaluation, we came to know that NIKEN was the largest car parts company in Turkey and that by having only one distributor in a country, the market and prices could be better protected. We eventually reached an agreement and NIKEN became the only distributor of NAOEVO car LED headlights in Turkey. One day in 2019, Mel told me that he wanted to open a car LED headlight factory together with us in Turkey, saying that there is no one producing car LED headlights in Turkey, nor even the whole Europe yet. And this is a great chance for us. We shared the same thought with NIKEN, supported them with technology and fund, and now NIKEN is capable of producing 60,000 sets of car LED headlights and 20,000 sets of work lights per month. In the future, NIKEN will also produce turn lights, brake lights, reversing lights, side positioning lights and reading lights. We aim to be the most professional car light manufacturer in Europe. We pride ourselves by having an outstanding distributor like NIKEN. Growing from a car light wholesaler to NAOEVO’s General Distributor in Turkey, to the most professional car light manufacturer in Turkey and even the whole Europe, NIKEN and NAOEVO will become the top car light brands in Europe.

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