Are S4 Pro LED headlights Worth It? (Test & Review 2022)

Are S4 Pro LED headlights Worth It? (Test & Review 2022)

Here are the brand new S4 Pro LED headlights from NAOEVO. One of the most outstanding features of these bulbs is that they are outfitted with 3 colors and flashing model function. If you are in a country that often encounters adverse weathers, then you are in the right place!

Both double beam and single beam of S4 LED bulb was designed with 12 pics of 43MIL CUSTOM FLIP CHIPS. The LED chips of S4 were researched and developed by our own team. Our final goal is to make the S4 LED bulbs to produce a maximum Lux brightness and still remain a stable wattage.


As a premium LED headlight leader in China, NAOEVO are offering a brand-new S4 LED headlight bulb. By offering 3 color (White + Warm White + Yellow), the S4 LED headlight bulbs ensure a light that cut through even the harshest environment, such as rain, snow, fog or sand, enhancing your vision even in the worst road condition, so that you can drive safely and comfortably whatever the weather.


S4 bulb size review


Besides, NAOEVO S4 LED headlight bulbs are designed as small as possible and have greatly stimulated the light beam pattern of stock halogen bulbs. Take the single beam halogen headlight as an example, its length is 57.5mm and the width of its holder is 33.5mm. With 77mm long and 33mm wide, the bulb size of S4 LED headlight is engineered as close as possible to the halogen headlights.



Another design that made S4 meets the standard of halogen headlights is the ultra-slim substrate. The smaller the space between two beads, the more standard the light beam patterns.


S4 LED Light beam pattern testing


What decide the light beam shape of LED headlight bulbs? Beside the essential points we have mentioned above. The most important point is the arrangement of LED chip. From the S4 LED headlight, we have added an additional diode to avoid dark area. The aligned of the chips are contributed to a wider and more focus brightness.



Light beam pattern will decide if the LED bulbs are legal or not. A bad headlight beam produces dazzle and glare light which will blind oncoming traffic. In contrast, a good headlight beam pattern will show clear cutoff lines, along with a great width, light distribution. From the above pictures, we can see that these bulbs produce precise and defined light beam and super uniform lighting without any dark spot.


S4 LED bulb temperature testing

One thing you should remember that whatever LED chip, they should combine with a Junction Temperature. If LED bulbs keep working beyond the junction temperature, it will reduce the lifespan of LED bulbs. For the requirement of long lifespan and safety, manufacturers need to keep the S4 LED bulbs working under Junction Temperature. Generally, the Junction Temperature are ranged from 155℃-160℃.

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