5 Best Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs For Sales in 2024

When choosing an LED headlight bulb, it is important to consider the beam pattern of the bulb, especially the low beam. Low beams are the primary source of light and most frequently used lighting function.

Therefore, selecting a quality low beam LED headlight bulb replacement can greatly improve the visibility at night and can effectively reduce the impact of dazzling on the driver’s vision.

If you are looking for a high-brightness, high-quality LED car bulb for low beam, you are in the right place, this blog will should you top 5 best low beam LED headlight in 2024 to help you easily find the right bulb that best suits you.

5 Best Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs in 2024

Top 5 – NAOEVO Max3 LED Headlight Bulb 60W 6500LM

Best LED Car Bulb With Perfect Low Beam

As one of the most hot-selling products from NAOEVO, the Max3 series LED headlight bulb has gained popularity among numerous customers around the world. The reason behind the popularity lies in its excellent light beam pattern.

Max3 LED headlights produce a brightness of 60W 6500LM while maintaining a safe light beam pattern as halogen. For low beam, there will be a sharp cutoff at the top of the beam, preventing the glare from on coming traffic. As the high beam, there will be a focused and wide beam so driver can see at a longer distance.

Max3 LED car bulb also makes sure that the heat dissipation is effective, with dual copper heat pipe to transfer 20W of heat, the high-speed fan inside the heat sink can accelerate dissipation of the heat from the lamp body. Multiple heat dissipation designs allow Max3 to continuously produce high-performance low beam for your car.

How confident is NAOEVO lighting in the durability of these headlamps? They come with a 2-year warranty.

NAOEVO offers a wide range of bulb model, including popular 9005 and 9006 as well as H7, H8/H9/H11. This helps make sure that no matter you vehicle you can upgrade your low beam headlight.


Power: 60W 6500LM/Bulb

Input Voltage: DC9-16V

Operating Voltage: 13.5V

Working Current: 4.44A

Heat Dissipation: Dual Copper+Fan

Chip Type: 6 Pieces 55MIL Flip Chip

Warranty: 2 Years

The Lighting Effect of Max3 LED Bulb

[Low Beam And High Beam of MAX3 LED Car Bulb]

Top 4 – NAOEVO P1 LED Headlight Bulb 70W 8400LM

The Most Stylish LED Car Bulb

P1 LED bulb is another top choice to upgrade your car headlight’s low beam. Different from ordinary car LED bulbs on the market, the P1 LED bulbs are die-casting design, and its design is inspired by lions.

Featured 6 pieces 60*55MIL flip chip, the P1 LED headlight bulbs are designed to deliver 70W 6800LM of brightness, significantly brighten the road for night driving. However, brightness isn’t the only factor to consider in headlight bulbs; the beam pattern also plays a vital role.

The P1 LED bulb has 1:1 lighting position as halogen, this ensures a standard and upgraded light beam pattern with clear and crisp cutoff line without any dark spot.

Compared to stock halogens, these P1 LED headlight bulbs have numerous upgrades that enhance your driving safety and comfort. It was a breeze for you to spot approaching objects.


Power: 70W 8400LM/Bulb

Input Voltage: DC9-16V

Operating Voltage: 13.5V

Working Current: 5.18A

Heat Dissipation: Dual Copper+Fan

Chip Type: 6 Pieces 60*55MIL Flip Chip

Warranty: 2 Years

The Lighting Effect of P1 LED Bulb

[Low Beam And High Beam of P1 LED Car Bulb]

Top 3 – NAOEVO NG LED Headlight Bulb 90W 10800LM

High-Efficient Low Beam Car LED Bulb

These NAOEVO NG LED headlight bulb is the most efficient LED headlight bulb for upgrading your low beam. Equipped with 6 pieces 70 MIL high-intensity flip chip, NG LED headlight bulbs are able to deliver an exceptional brightness of 90W 10800LM per bulb.

If your OEM headlight bulb model is 9005, 9006, 9012, H7, or H8/H9/H11, the NG LED headlight bulb will be a good choice for high/low beam upgrade.

The rectangular lamp bead arrangement ensures that NG LED car lights can produce a broad, uniform and focused low beam, avoiding any dark areas, making it highly adaptable to a variety of headlight assemblies.

Excellent heat dissipation ensures stability of brightness. NG LED bulb comes with larger double copper tubes for heat dissipation, which helps to transfers 30W of heat each circle.

NG’s efficient heat dissipation helps to maintain consistent brightness levels, despite prolonged usage, they will not have light decay and still remain 70% – 80% increased brightness.

What’s even more attractive is that NG LED car lights stand out from many products with their unique eagle design.


Power: 90W 10800LM/Bulb

Input Voltage: DC9-16V

Operating Voltage: 13.5V

Working Current: 6.66A

Heat Dissipation: Dual Copper+Fan

Chip Type: 6 Pieces 70 MIL Flip Chip

Warranty: 1 Year

The Lighting Effect of NG LED Bulb

[Low Beam And High Beam of NG LED Car Bulb]

Top 2 – NAOEVO NW LED Headlight Bulb 110W 13200LM

The Most Durable LED Car Lights For Low Beam

NW stands out as the most resilient LED car bulb when it comes to replacing your low beam headlight bulb. They deliver an ultra-high brightness of 110W 13200LM per bulb, which has exceeded the power of most LED car lights on the market.

The 6500K color temperature provide a crisp and modern look for your low beam, this helps to see better at night and reduces eye fatigue when driving in the dark.

The NW LED headlight bulbs are durable for long time use because they are made with large dual copper heat tubes to conduct 40W heat, combined with high-speed fan and hollow-carved heat sink to accelerate the heat transfer. This design ensure a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

You can also easily install this LED headlight kit due to its plug-n-play design. NW LED bulbs come with an intelligent IC driver so that they can make less likely to interfere with your car’s onboard system. No error codes, no flickering, or any other Canbus problems.

The design of NW heat sink cover adopts an owl shape, which is both stylish and practical.


Power: 110W 13200LM/Bulb

Input Voltage: DC9-16V

Operating Voltage: 13.5V

Working Current: 6.66A

Heat Dissipation: Dual Copper+Fan

Chip Type: 6 Pieces 75 MIL Flip Chip

Warranty: 1 Year

Lighting Effect of NW LED Car Lights

Top 1 – NAOEVO NH LED Headlight Bulb 130W 15600LM

The Brightest Low Beam LED Car Bulb

Currently, there are some customers searching for high-brightness LED headlight bulb for their low beam upgrades. NAOEVO NH LED headlight bulb claims to be the brightest and the most recommended in our list!

NH LED car lights are designed with 6 pieces 70MIL flip chip, which provide outstanding brightness of 130W 15600LM per bulb! The NH LED bulbs are a game-changer when it comes to performance especially in low beam. There is a well-defined cutoff line that minimizes glare for oncoming traffic and provides a concentrated and broad illumination of the road ahead.  

NAOEVO has successfully overcome the problem that high-brightness LED car lights may be damaged due to overheating. NH LED car bulbs are equipped with large liquid copper tube to ensure 2-3 times fast heat dissipation. At the same time, it combines a fan and a heat sink for heat dissipation, so that the lamp can be maintained at a safe operating temperature.

Its external intelligent Canbus driver makes NH LED car lights compatible with most automotive systems. So you can confidently replace your low beam headlights without worrying about decoding issues.

NH LED headlights are also known as Mr. Elephant. Because its design is inspired by elephants. The yellow uncovered color makes this LED car light more vivid.


Power: 130W 15600LM/Bulb

Input Voltage: DC9-16V

Operating Voltage: 13.5V

Working Current: 6.66A

Heat Dissipation: Dual Copper+Fan

Chip Type: 6 Pieces 70 MIL Flip Chip

Warranty: 1 Year

The Lighting Effect of NH LED Headlight

[Low Beam And High Beam of NH LED Bulb]

What is an Ideal Low Beam LED Headlight Bulb?

The alignment of beam pattern is one the most critical points when it comes to choosing LED headlight bulb for low beam.

Both reflector and projector headlight assembly will have sharp and asymmetrical cutoffs to render the low beam pattern correctly. However, there are still slightly different.  

For projector headlight assembly, there is a clear step in the middle of the pattern. The left side is lower than the right. This pattern provides better road illumination in the front of the vehicle with less chance of blinding an oncoming car or truck.

The low beam in reflector headlight is similar as “V” shape, wherein the left line is lower and horizontal to avoid to blind opposite drivers, while the right line is higher to make sure you can see further distance.

[Low Beam in Projector VS. Low Beam in Reflector]

What Does a Poor Low Beam Pattern Look Like?

Someone may installed incorrect bulbs or locked them incorrectly. Here are some examples of poor light beam pattern. As you can see, there is a poor cutoff, resulting in scattered light that creates glare. Uneven distribution, dark areas in both sides and a lack of focus diminish visibility.

Where is The Low Beam Bulb Located?

If your vehicles has two bulbs, and the low beam bulb is usually on the outer side of the headlight, and the high beam is on the inside. The low beam bulb also has a higher part number than the high beam bulb.

You can also determine the location of the low beam bulb by looking at the projector and reflector headlight assembly. Take projector – reflector hybrid headlight as an example, the projector is for the low beam bulb and the reflector is for the high beam bulb.

However, the position of the high and low beam bulbs varies among various automotive component designs. It is recommended to refer to the user manual for identification.

Where To Find LED Headlight Bulbs With Perfect Hi/Lo Beam?

Excellent beam pattern makes all the difference in LED headlight bulb. Some LED car light bulbs on the market do not match your OEM halogen bulbs, which can easily lead to dazzling light beam pattern. So, where should you buy trustworthy, high-quality low-beam LED car bulbs?

NAOEVO offers a wide range of automotive LED headlight bulbs and their light beam pattern perfectly matches the standard of original halogen lamps. The wide compatibility makes them suitable for most car models. Bringing you a unique low beam upgrade experience.

Here are two standout low beam LED car bulbs from NAOEVO:

NAOEVO MAX3 Series: Using 6 pcs 60*75 MIL flip chip in 1.5mm slim copper circuit board. MAX3 series LED car bulbs achieve a clear cutoff beam pattern. The 360 degree rotatable retainer ensures full illumination in all directions.

NAOEVO NH (Mr. Elephant) Series: NH Series LED bulb has the highest lumens and wattage in NAOEVO’s product catalogue. They come with 60*75 MIL special flip chip to deliver focus and standard light beam pattern. A quality LED headlight bulb that blends high brightness with an excellent beam pattern.


Here is the list of top 5 best LED headlight bulbs for low beam upgrade. In short, a safe low beam pattern should have a clear and crisp cutoff to diminish the glare light from oncoming traffic, and the above recommended LED headlight bulbs are excellent in terms of both high and low beam performance.  

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