Best & Brightest H11 LED Bulbs For Projector Headlight [Top5]

Nowadays, there are lots of LED Car headlight bulbs on the market claiming to be the “best” for projector headlight, making it difficult to figure out which is the right one for your car. Well, if you are looking for H11 LED headlight bulbs that can produce brightest light and prefect beam pattern through projector headlight. Then this article is precisely what you need.

In this blog, we will make a full review of the top 5 best & brightest H11 LED bulbs for projector headlight according to their brightness, outlook, light beam pattern, and lifespan.

Full Reviews: 5 Best & Brightest H11 LED Bulb For Projector

Top 1: Philips Pro9000 H11 LED Headlight 5800K

Many H11 LED bulbs tend to struggle when it comes to projector style applications. And these new Philips Ultinon Pro9000 series H11 LED bulbs are specifically designed for use in projector headlights.

When driving, the Philips Ultinon Pro9000 headlight bulbs give you unparalleled visibility. They emit a consistent, brilliant light that’s up to 250% brighter than halogen bulbs, enabling you to see farther down the road. In addition, the Philips Pro9000 H11 LED bulbs adopt optimal spectrum enhances the legibility of road signs. With the latest Philips SafeBeam technology to install these H11 led bulbs for projector headlight, drivers will get a perfect beam pattern that is somehow more accurate and brighter than stock halogen, thus ensuring a safer and more seamless driving experience.

OEM prefers 5800K as it enhances eye comfort during night driving. This helps in decreasing exhaustion and the likelihood of eye tension, leading to a more secure and delightful night driving experience.

Thanks to its innovative one-piece bulb design, installing the Pro9000 H11 LED is a breeze. With a built-in driver, worries about limited space in the headlight unit are a thing of the past. The Pro9000’s ultra-compact build makes it compatible with a wide range of car models.

Thanks to advanced technologies like the AirBoost and AirCool smart cooling systems, the Philips Ultinon Pro9000 can endure up to 5,000 hours of operation, making it a durable and long-lasting option.

Full Review of Philips Pro9000 H11 LED in Projector Headlight: https://www.bulbfacts.com/led-kits/reviews/philips-ultinon-pro9000-pro5000-led-review.html


Bulb TypeH8 H9 H11
Power 18 W/1500 LM Per Bulb
Color Temperature5800K
Warranty5-Year Warranty
ApplicationHigh Beam / Low Beam
Technical FeaturesAirBoost, SafeBeam Technology


✅ Up to 250% brighter light for night driving

✅ 5800K producing a crisp, bright and stylish white

✅ Safe light beam pattern for projector headlight

✅ Compact design for wider range of vehicles

✅ AirBoost technology for better cooling


❌ Expensive price

❌ Lower power compared to its counterparts

Top 2: H8 H9 H11 GTR Lighting Ultra 2.0 Extremely Bright

For those seeking a clearer and brighter light through projector headlight, the ideal selection would be the GTR Lighting Ultra 2.0 H8/H9/H11 LED Light Bulbs. These bulbs are built with advanced automotive grade multi-core LED chip technology that produces a focused and sharp beam pattern. Additionally, the lighting position of GTR H11 LED bulbs has been optimized so that once the bulbs are securely in the housing, they’re aligned correctly with the projector, giving you the safest and most practical beam pattern possible. 

If you’re looking for the best and brightest H11 LED bulbs in your projector assembly, you’ve found it! Due to their superior optical focus and automotive-grade NLW753 chip, these H11 LED bulbs can create up to 10X more usable light than others. With a higher lumen of 80W 7800Lumens, they promise a perfect lighting performance in all weather conditions.

With an 80W power output, the set of two bulbs can generate a whopping 7,800 lumens, which is an extraordinary 400% brighter than the typical halogen bulbs. With a unique 1:1 beam pattern design and a 0.079-inch ultra-thin copper board, the bulbs offer complete 360° illumination that results in a sharp cutoff line with no signs of shadows or dark spots. This provides drivers with an extended and broader view of their surroundings.

Aside from their outstanding performance, the Ultra 2 H11 LED bulbs are built to last a lifetime! The GTR team conducted extensive simulations to create a heat-sink design that not only looks sleek but also keeps the bulb body below 80C. The high speed fan and die-cast housing in the bulbs ensure all the components cool and dry.


Bulb TypeH8 H9 H11
Power 41.5 W/3900 LM Per Bulb
Color Temperature6000K
Warranty2-Year Warranty
ApplicationHigh Beam / Low Beam
Technical FeaturesAutomotive-grade NLW753 chip


✅ Correct optics lights for projector headlight

✅ Smart and efficient cooling system

✅ Small footprint better fitment

✅ Efficient brightness for night driving

✅ 2 years of warranty guarantee  


❌ Doesn’t fit all vehicles

❌ A little more expensive compared to its counterpart

Top 3: NAOEVO NG H8 H9 H11 LED Car Light Bulb 21600LM Bright For Projector

NAOEVO NG H11/H8/H9 90W 10800LM LED Headlight Bulb

If you’re in search of the latest and highest-lumen H11 LED bulbs for projector headlight in 2023, then look no further than the NAOEVO NG series H11 LED headlight bulbs. Equipped with 6pcs 4575 high-intensity flip chip, the NG H11 LED bulbs can produce an amazing power of 180W 21,600LM, making it an ideal choice for drivers who want the exceptional brightness for their projector headlight. The eagle symbolizes strength and wisdom, the NG’s unique eagle design makes it stand out from the crowd.  

Besides, the innovative 1:1 beam pattern design coupled with an ultra-thin 1.5mm copper board guarantees NG H11 LED bulbs to produce standard and perfect light beam pattern in all kinds of projector headlights. The clear cutoff line at the top of the beam ensures that the driver has good visibility and can see potential hazards on the road ahead.

Unlike other brands of LED bulb only use fan to dissipate the heat, the NG H11 LED headlight bulbs adopt dual copper heat pipes technology to conduct 30W of heat each time. The high-speed fan and larger area of heat sink ensure maximum heat transfer from the chip to outside, resulting in a cooler and more stable operating temperature. The 50,000 hrs of lifespan can serve the entire life of your vehicle.

The NG H11 LED headlight bulbs can be done as a plug and play solution for a wide range of projector headlight sockets. The external CANBUS driver ensures ZERO errors and issues with the vehicle’s computer. The NG LED bulbs are the latest products of NAOEVO, and now, they are available for retail and wholesale purchase.

More information about NG Eagle Design LED Headlight Bulb, click to see NAOEVO’s YouTube Channel.


Bulb TypeH8 H9 H11
Power 90W/10800LM Per Bulb
Color Temperature6500K
Warranty2-Year Warranty
ApplicationHigh Beam / Low Beam
Technical FeaturesDual Copper Heat Pipe; Optimal Optics Tech; Patent Chip Alignment;


✅ Modern and stylish eagle design

✅ 21600LM brightest light for night driving

✅ Safe and bright light beam pattern

✅ Dual copper heat pipe 3 times faster cooling

✅ 6500K day-like white

✅ Canbus driver error free

✅ 2-year long warranty


❌ Larger size than other

Top 4: Morimoto 2STROKE 3.0 H11 LED Car Bulb

Morimoto is a well-known brand in the automotive industry, known for producing high-quality lighting solutions for a wide range of vehicles. Among their offerings, the Morimoto 2STROKE 3.0 H11 LED headlight bulb for projector headlights stands out as a reliable and efficient option for those seeking an upgrade from traditional halogen bulbs.

The Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 incorporates advanced PCB technology that establishes a new benchmark in the industry for emission surface interval, measuring just 2mm in total. This ultra-thin space in the footprint makes sure a perfect light beam pattern in your projector headlight assembly.

Projector headlights are designed to provide a more focused and precise beam of lights. The Morimoto H11 LED headlight bulbs are designed with an efficient output of 2600LM 22W per bulb, this means that drivers can enjoy the maximal brightness on the road through projector headlight.

After installing the H11 LED bulb, the high-speed fan housed within the 2Stroke 3.0 is fully sealed, which can to draw cool air into the bulb and expel warm air back into the housing. As cold air traverses the sidewall of the PCB, it facilitates the exchange of heat before exiting the opposite side of the bulb.  The cooling system on the 2Stroke 3.0 not only does it’s job to protect the longevity of the bulb, but serves up a bad-weather benefit not found elsewhere. 

Overall, the Morimoto H11 LED headlight bulb is another excellent choices for those seeking a upgraded brightness and high-tech lighting solution for projector.

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Bulb TypeH8 H9 H11
Power 22W/2600LM Per Bulb
Color Temperature5500K Pure White
Warranty3-Year Warranty
ApplicationHigh Beam / Low Beam
Technical FeaturesLuxeon ZES chip


✅ Superior beam quality in projector

✅ 360 degrees of rotation

✅ Advanced PCB tech for cooling

✅ Available for DRL

✅ 3-year warranty


❌ The bulky mounting collar lead to trickier installation

❌ A small amount of RFI and fan sound.

❌ A bit expensive

TOP 5: Diode Dynamics SL1 H11 Auto LED Headlight Bulbs

What makes the Diode Dynamics SL1 H11 LED bulb an excellent option for projector headlights? It is because these bulbs are engineered and tested to meet OEM lighting standards and offer increased brightness and a functional light beam pattern while driving on the road.

Unlike others LED bulb on the market that labeled with exaggerated lumens and large heat sink. Diode dynamics SL1 H11 is dedicated to displaying the true lumens and standard OEM design. They were engineered with advanced optical design software to perfectly match filament location. This allows the SL1 LED to focus light just like an original bulb, preserving the focus and hotspot, with no added glare. It produces a functional beam pattern on the road, in compliance with photometric standards, for a safe, functional output, which we call “Street Legal”

These patented design SL1 H11 LED bulbs are intended to replace your factory bulbs within 20 minutes. These bulbs are as small as the original halogen bulbs. The accompanying drivers are also compact, therefore, no matter in projector or reflector headlight housing, they provide an easy plug-n-play installation.

The SL1 H11 LED bulb employs advanced engineering techniques, such as a copper board, thermal phase-change material, and thermally-modeled zinc casting to transfer heat to the base of the bulb. The base fins, designed with aerodynamic performance in mind helps to expel the heat faster. Additionally, the high-speed micro-fan is optimized to work seamlessly with the cooling system, resulting in a highly effective and dependable cooling mechanism that ensures the bulb operates at its maximum capacity.

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Bulb TypeH8 H9 H11
Power 20W/1630LM Per Bulb
Color Temperature6000K Pure White
Warranty3-Year Warranty
ApplicationHigh Beam / Low Beam
Technical FeaturesHigh-intensity ZES chip, Zinc-cast heat sink


✅ OEM size plug and play connection

✅ Designed for projector housings

✅ Correct optical focus for increased output

✅ Easy installation, no modification needed

✅ Zinc-cast heat sink and driver for reliability


❌ Relatively high price

❌ Not as bright as its counterpart

The most recommended H11 LED bulb for projector headlights: NAOEVO NG Series

NAOEVO NG H11/H8/H9 90W 10800LM LED Headlight Bulb

If you are looking for the best and brightest H11 LED bulb for projector headlight, our top-pick is NAOEVO NG series H11 LED car light bulbs. Designed with 6pcs 70mil high-intensity flip chip to produce an output of 180W 21600LM, these bulbs are able to provide maximal output in projector. The patented rectangular chip alignment enable to deliver a clear cutoff line, even distribution of light with no dark spot, so driver can see wider and further down the road without blinding others.

NG H7 90W 10800LM Details

The NG H11 LED headlight bulbs use upgraded dual copper heat pipe to achieve 30W of heat transfer to the 6063 aluminum casting. The heat sink increases the surface area for heat dissipation, and the high-speed fan enhances the airflow, lowering the temperature of the surrounding air. Together, the multiple cooling technologies ensure that the NG H11 LED headlight bulb operates at a safe and efficient temperature, maximizing its lifespan to 50000 hours so that drivers no need to change their bulb frequently.

NG H7 90W 10800LM Details

The NG H11 LED bulbs are inspired by the flying eagle. Eagle is intended to represent strength and speed which indicates that these LED bulbs will produce instant brightness to make the dark like day. With the latest LED technology and modern design, customers can enjoy brightest lighting performance in projector while enhanced aesthetics look of your headlight.

FAQs About Best H11 LED Bulb For Projector

Q1: Do H11 LED headlight bulbs need projector lens?

If your original car comes with projector lens in your headlight, so there is no need to install. If your original car does not have lenses for both high and low beams, then you need to choose H11 LED headlights that are close to the size of original halogen lamps.

Q2: What factors should consider when purchase best H11 LED bulbs for projector?

1. Compatibility: Make sure the bulb is compatible with the projector headlight mode.

2. Light Beam Pattern: Make sure the H11 LED bulb in your projector produces clear and focus cutoff line.

3. Lumen Lux: The higher the lux, the more efficient the light they have utilized.

4. Lifespan: Choose H11 LED bulb that have better cooling methods will prolong the lifespan in projector.

5. Warranty: Choose H11 LED headlight that have long warranty guarantee.

Q3: Which H11 LED bulbs for project are the brightest in today’s market?

If you are looking for the brightest H11 LED bulb for your projector, then the NAOEVO NG series LED bulb is a great option. It uses the high-intensity flip chip that consume less energy to generate the maximal brightness of 180W 21600LM. The patent chip alignment makes sure a wide and focus light beam pattern through projector headlight.