6 Quality Low Beam Car LED Headlight Bulbs [May, 2024]

When changing halogen to LED headlights, one of the most critical factors to consider is the beam pattern, particularly the low beam. As the most commonly used light beam, low beams offer a more focused and controlled illumination, suitable for driving in well-lit areas or when there is oncoming traffic.

However, with numerous brands of LED headlight bulbs flooding the market, selecting a satisfying low beam car LED headlight bulb can be challenging for customers. The varying quality among these brands further complicates the decision-making process.

So, what kind of low beam LED car light is safe for driving, and how can consumers find reliable low beam LED headlamp in today’s market?

In this blog, we aim to answer these questions by presenting a carefully list of the top 6 low beam auto LED headlights available in 2024. These LED car bulbs have garnered widespread praise from customers for their standard low beam performance, exceptional brightness, and durability. We’re confident that by exploring this selection, you’ll find the perfect low beam LED headlight bulbs to enhance your driving experience!

Comparison of 6 Best Low Beam LED Headlights of 2024

ProductItemPowerLumenNotable Features 
 NAOEVO NH LED Bulb130W15,600LMUnique Elephant DesignHighest Light Output98% Vehicle Compatible40W of heat transferSee Detail
 NAOEVO P1 LED Bulb70W8400LMDie-cast AluminumModern Lion Appearance2 Years of WarrantyClear Cutoff Low BeamOEM/ODM AvailableSee Detail
 NAOEVO GT6 LED Bulb55W6600LMCutoff & Uniform Low Beam1:1 Lighting Position As OEMConcave Design, Focus Beam2 Years of WarrantySee Detail
 Auxito Q16 LED Bulb50W10,000LMAll-in-One DesignEasy InstallationEnergy-EfficientHigh Luminous EfficacySee Detail
 SEALIGHT X1 LED Bulb50W7000LMFanless Design, No Noise When DrivingEasy InstallationSee Detail
 Diode Dynamics SL2 Pro21W2400LM Thermal Separation TechnologyStable Output, No Light DecayWide Voltage Available See Detail

Top 6 Car LED Headlight Bulbs For Low Beam in 2024

Top 6 – Diode Dynamics SL2 Pro LED headlight bulb

The SL2 Pro LED headlight bulb is the next generation of SL2. To ensure an excellent low beam pattern for night driving, SL2 LED bulb has been carefully refined and improved with some incredible upgrades.

Even if the bulb is bright, if the light source within the housing is not properly focused, you won’t have a concentrated hotspot of light to illuminate the road ahead effectively. In this case, SL2 Pro LED bulb was engineered to focus light just like halogen bulb, while still providing an increase in total output. Instead of blinding pursuing the smallest emitting points, the SL2 Pro was optimized to provide a smooth and comfortable low beam, so drivers can see better while minimizing glare for oncoming traffic.

Another great upgrade must be its TST (Thermal Separation Technology) used in SL2 Pro LED headlight! Unlike traditional LED chips, TST LEDs have electrical connections on the top. This allows the entire bottom part of the LED to focus on moving heat away from the LED. This means that SL2 PRO LED bulb can run at higher power while maintaining consistent illumination at night.

The next big difference from any bulb on the market is its cooling methods: SL2Pro use high-speed fan in the top of the bulb itself, which allows fast heat dissipation when the bulb is running. The internal cooling methods leads to an astounding 2400 Lumens steady state output, higher than halogen.

Unlike other LED car bulbs that have a big heat sink and driver, the SL2 Pro LED bulb is smaller in size. This makes installation simple, as there are no extra wires or external drivers required. Just plug and play in your headlight housing.

Another selling points you may like is that SL2 PRO LED bulbs are compatible with a wide voltage ranging from 9V-30V, great for farming mining industrial equipment or trucks with that 30V capability.


Color Temp:6000K
Voltage: DC9V-30V
Materials:Copper PCB, A360 Aluminum
Cooling: Top-Mounted Cooling Fan
Compliance Rating:SAE J575 Durability Test

Top 5 – SEALIGHT X1 100W LED Headlight Bulb

SEALIGHT X1 LED headlight kit is another top choice for upgrading your car’s low beam. Equipped with top automotive-grade CSP chips, these LED bulbs deliver an impressive output of 50W 7000LM each, ensuring clearer roads and achieving 100% daytime vision. With a precise beam pattern and anti-glare technology, the SEALIGHT X1 provides optimal low beam illumination without discomforting other drivers.

Say goodbye to dim yellow halogen bulbs and hello to super-focused bright 6000K LED bulbs that offer superior visibility and add style to your vehicle, specifically in low beam situations.

SEALIGHT X1 LED headlights stand out from the crowd with their fanless design. Instead, they rely on an aluminum heat sink and a temperature-controlled system to manage heat. This not only reduces the risk of fan failure and noise but also makes the bulbs more compact.

The technology inside SEALIGHT X1 LED headlight bulb is built to combat CANBus errors for your vehicle. CANBus ready LED’s are able to stop errors or warning lights on 99% of vehicles in the US which means you’re no longer distracted or annoyed by beeping dashboards.


Color Temp:6000K
Voltage: DC12V
Materials:6063 Aluminum
Cooling: Heat Sink, Temperature-Controlled System

Top 4 – Auxito Q16 Series LED headlight bulb

AUXITO Q16 LED headlight bulb is one of the most popular choices in nighttime driving with its remarkable features tailored for optimal low beam performance. With an impressive luminous flux of up to 20,000 lumens and 100W per set, coupled with a color temperature of 6000K, this upgraded SEALIGHT Q16 LED headlight bulb guarantees a bright white, daylight-like beam that enhances visibility by up to 600%.

However, it’s not just about producing the brightest light. AUXITO understands that quality LED headlight bulbs should closely mimic halogen light bulbs’ filament to ensure safe driving conditions. Thanks to its ultra-thin 0.039-inch baseboard, AUXITO Q16 LED bulb has almost 1:1 lighting position as halogen, ensuring clear cutoff low beam pattern without any glare.

Durability is also a top priority for AUXITO. These quality low beam LED headlight bulb features a built-in 12,000RPM high-speed cooling fan and copper baseboard, effectively dissipating heat away from the LED chips. This ensures a continuous lighting lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Installation is a breeze with the AUXITO Q16. Its wireless design, combined driver and fan unit, non-polarity socket, and compact size allow for easy plug-and-play installation within minutes. Moreover, its built-in intelligent IC driver and high wattage ensure compatibility with 99% of vehicles’ systems, making it a hassle-free solution for drivers seeking superior low beam performance.

SEALIGHT Q16 LED headlight bulbs are available in a wide range of bulb modes. Whether your low beam bulb is 9005, 9006, H7, H8/9/11, 5202, 9012, 880/881, H1, or H3, SEALIGHT has you covered.


LED TypeCSP 7035-SMD
Color Temp:6000K
Materials:6063 Aluminum
Cooling: Heat Sink, Fan

Top 3 – NAOEVO GT6 110W LED Headlight Bulb

GT6 series LED car lights have long been one of NAOEVO’s best-selling products thanks to its perfect low beam, exceptional brightness and durability.

Utilizing advanced 6*55MIL NAOEVO’s patented flip chip, GT6 LED headlight kits are able to deliver a high brightness of 55W 6600LM each bulb. The 6500K clear white light for improved visibility on dark rural roads. What makes GT6 LED headlight bulb stand out is their unique concave design on the chip, which allows the light directed inward towards the center of the chip.

To mimic the same lighting point as original halogen bulb, GT6 LED car lights use 1.5mm ultra-slim copper substrate, so as to ensures optimal light distribution and beam pattern.

That is to say, no matter you have projector or reflector headlight housing, GT6 LED headlight bulbs will deliver a focused and evenly dispersed illumination, with a distinct cutoff line for low beams and a longer reach for high beams.

Choosing an LED headlight bulb with better heat dissipation is crucial for long-term reliability and durability.

GT6 LED headlight bulbs use a copper heat pipe so as to conduct 10W of heat each time, then with the help of 8500RPM fan and aluminum fins, GT6 LED headlight bulbs can dissipate more heat compared to other LED bulbs.

NAOEVO provides a two-year warranty for these bulbs. It shows their confidence on product’s reliability and performance. It also signifies NAOEVO’s commitment to customer satisfaction and after-sales support.


LED Type6*55MIL Flip Chip
Color Temp:6500K
Operating Voltage9V/16V
Working Current4.1A
Materials:6063 Aluminum
Cooling: Copper Pipe, Heat Sink, Fan
Warranty2 Years
Wholesale AvailableYes

Top 2 – NAOEVO P1 LED Headlight Bulb

If you’re on the hunt for distinctive and top-notch LED car lights to enhance your low beam, you should definitely check out the NAOEVO P1 LED headlight bulb. Released in 2024, this latest offering from NAOEVO shines bright with its die-cast aluminum construction and impressive brightness.

On today’s market, most LED headlight bulb is made of aluminum profile. Although they have excellent heat dissipation, they can look a bit monotonous. The P1 LED headlight is unique in that it uses an aluminum die-cast shell. Its advantage lies in its high precision. It can not only create complex and detailed shapes, but also has excellent strength and hardness.

With its strong 6-piece 60*55MIL flip chip, the P1 LED headlight boosts out 70W 8400LM per bulb, giving both a stylish appearance as well as superior brightness. This means you can see further and react faster, making it a great option for replacing low beams.

P1 LED headlight bulb features cutting-edge optics technology, their special chip arrangement ensures a clear and uniform low beam and a focused, wide high beam. This design improves night vision without causing glare to others, making your journey safer and more pleasant with NAOEVO’s P1 LED bulbs.

P1 LED headlight bulbs are engineered with dual larger copper pipes to efficiently transfer 30W of heat. The built-in fan in the base enhances airflow, maintaining safe operating temperatures. With P1’s advanced cooling system, you can enjoy a consistent and stable light output.

With its intelligent Canbus driver, the P1 LED headlight bulb offers a hassle-free solution for upgrading your stock halogen bulb. It’s highly compatible with a variety of car models, making it a simple choice for enhancing your vehicle’s lighting.

The lion design is their most notable feature. Lion often associated with strength and courage, so does the P1 LED bulb, that means they have powerful illumination to light up the road ahead with strength and clarity.

You’ll enjoy a 2-year warranty with the P1 LED headlight bulbs. Plus, they’re available for wholesale purchase. Whether you’re a buyer looking to stock up or a supplier aiming to broaden your market, the P1 LED headlight bulbs are a smart option.


LED Type6pcs 60*55MIL Flip Chip
Color Temp:6500K
Operating VoltageDC9V-16V
Working Current5.18A
Materials:Die-Casting Aluminum
Cooling: Double Copper Pipe, Heat Sink, Fan
Warranty2 Years
Wholesale AvailableYes

Top 1 – NAOEVO NH LED Headlight Bulb

Looking for the best and brightest LED headlight bulb for upgrade your low beam? Look no further than NH LED headlight bulb!

NH LED headlight bulb becomes our NO.1 choice in our list not only because they have the highest lumen output, but also because of their excellent performance in light beam pattern, heat dissipation, decoding and installation. The overall performance is extremely excellent!

NAOEOV NH LED headlight bulb comes with 6 pieces 60*70 mil large size flip chip, so as to deliver a superior high brightness of 130W 15600LM each bulb, 600% brighter than original halogen bulbs.

To minimize glare from bright LED bulbs and ensure a standard light beam pattern, NH LED headlights feature a 1.5mm (0.05 inches) thin chip spacing, positioning the light almost identically to halogen bulbs. NH’s low beam provides clear road illumination with a distinct cutoff, while its high beam extends the light to prevent accidents.

NH LED headlight bulbs ensure consistent brightness by utilizing double 4*56 mm copper tubes for efficient heat conduction, transferring up to 40W of heat. This surpasses GT6 and P1, which can only handle 10W and 30W respectively. Additionally, NH bulbs feature a 12,000RPM high-speed fan for twice the cooling speed of other LED car bulbs.

Thus, this brightest NH LED car lights are sure to be the most durable bulb for upgrade your low beam, and customers no need to worry about the overheating and burning out of the bulb.

The elephant design sets NH LED headlights apart. The NAOEVO design team said they drew inspiration from elephants for the NH LED lamp. As the largest mammal on land, the elephant is a symbol of strength and longevity. They hope to incorporate these characteristics of elephants into NH LED lights, so that every consumer can experience the powerful high-brightness nighttime lighting effect like an elephant and enjoy its ultra-durable quality.


LED Type6pcs 60*70MIL Flip Chip
Color Temp:6500K
Operating VoltageDC9V-16V
Working Current6.66A
Materials:Die-Casting Aluminum
Cooling: Double Copper Pipe, Heat Sink, Fan
Warranty1 Year
Wholesale AvailableYes


Upgrading To LED Headlight: What is a Good Low Beam?

When replacing halogen with LED headlights, it’s essential to ensure that the low beams emitted by LED headlights are of the same standard as your original halogen bulbs. A good low beam will have the following characteristics:

Adequate Foreground Illumination:

The low beam pattern should evenly illuminate the area immediately in front of the vehicle, allowing the driver to detect obstacles, pedestrians, and road hazards.

Uniform Light Distribution:

The low beam pattern should provide a consistent level of brightness across the entire width of the road, ensuring that no areas are excessively bright or dark.

Clear Cutoff Line:

A well-defined cutoff line separates the illuminated area from the darkness above, preventing glare for oncoming drivers and enhancing contrast for the driver’s visibility.

Controlled Light Dispersion:

The low beam pattern should direct light primarily towards the road surface and roadside, rather than scattering it upwards or into the eyes of other drivers.

Proper aiming:

The headlights should be correctly aimed to ensure that the low beam pattern is aligned with the road and does not blind oncoming drivers or obstruct their vision.

How To Choose A Good Low Beam LED Headlight Bulb?

Light Source Position:

Choosing LED bulbs with a 1:1 lighting position can mimic the filament placement of traditional halogen bulbs. This ensures that the light output closely matches the original beam pattern, providing standard low beam pattern without any dark spots or shadows.

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Light Source Width:

LED headlight kits with thin chip spacing replicate the filament placement of traditional halogen bulbs. This also ensures that the light output closely matches the original beam pattern. That’s to say, the thinner the width between the two sides of chips, the closer width of the halogen filament, so the better light beam pattern.

Types of LED Chip:

The lighting effect of the beam pattern varies depending on the type of LED chips used. For example, CREE chips produce a poor light beam pattern, although they have high light efficiency and good heat dissipation effects, are not suitable for use in car headlights, especially low beams, because most of their lamp beads have their own small lenses, and the low beams can easily cause dazzling.

It is recommended to choose flip-chip type LED headlight bulb, with a welding thickness of 3 microns, which is very close to the structure of a halogen lamp filament. The light-emitting point is small, the low beam has an obvious cutoff line, and the high beam is very focused.

Products like: NAOEVO NH, P1, and GT6 LED bulbs are all used high-intensity Flip Chip to deliver a high brightness with perfect light beam pattern.

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LED Chip Arrangement:

The number and arrangement of chips will also affect the beam pattern. Most LED car lights on the market use a rectangular arrangement of three or six beads lead to a wider beam pattern, which is helpful for the driver to see the roads on both sides clearly, while a square arrangement of four beads can make the light pattern more concentrated.

Like the NAOEVO GT6 LED light, it is composed of 6 LED beads: 4 beads form a square in the middle, and the remaining two beads are distributed one up and down. This is NAOEVO’s unique chip arrangement, which can have a broad and concentrated light pattern at the same time. The additional chip each can help eliminate the dark area make the light pattern more even and full.

Upgrade To Low Beam LED Headlight: Too Bright for Night Driving?

While many people enjoy the increased brightness of LED car lights, they cannot help but express concerns about whether LED headlight bulb is too high, and even question whether they comply with traffic regulations.

However, the key issue lies not in the wattage of the LED car lights but in whether their light will cause glare for other drivers. Even if you buy a low-power LED car light, if its low beam brings dazzling light to other drivers, then its brightness is too high.

On the contrary, if the LED car lights you choose perform well in handling the high and low beams, even if their lumen value is over 10,000, their brightness will not make people feel dazzling.

So it is recommended to buy LED headlight bulb from a renowned brand like NAOEVO, their products often meet high quality requirements, especially when it comes to beam patterns that are crucial for driving safety.

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Upgrade To Low Beam LED Car Bulb: Should I Replace The Whole Headlight Assembly?

Many low beam LED headlight bulbs are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicle models, offering a plug-and-play installation with intelligent Canbus drivers. This means you can simply swap out your old halogen bulb for the new LED one without having to replace your car’s entire headlight assembly.

Are Low Beam And High Beam The Same Bulb?

The bulbs for the low beam and high beam lights need to be determined based on the vehicle’s model. Some vehicles use the same bulb for both low and high beams, while others use different types. For example, if a vehicle uses an H4 bulb, then the low and high beams share the same bulb. If a vehicle uses H1, H7, etc., the low and high beams use different bulbs.


In conclusion, upgrading to a quality low beam LED headlight bulb can significantly enhance visibility and safety while driving at night. The top 6 LED bulbs highlighted in this blog offer superior brightness, precise beam patterns, and efficient heat dissipation.

With features like easy installation, compatibility with various vehicle models, and extended lifespan, these LED bulbs provide a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution. Whether you prioritize brightness, beam pattern, or durability, there is a suitable option among these top-rated LED headlight bulbs to meet your needs and improve your driving experience.