Top 5 Popular Brands For Car Extra Lights in India

Extra lights for car are gaining popularity among customers in India, thanks to their energy efficiency and enhanced visibility. Auxiliary lights for car have become the preferred choice for modern cars, including Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), fog lights, and off-road light bars, as they offer increased brightness with minimal energy consumption.

Many drivers are now choosing to incorporate additional car lights not only to ensure better illumination during nighttime journeys but also for the aesthetic appeal they provide.

Selecting the optimal extra lights for you car can be a daunting task due to the abundance of options. Within this guide, we present a list of trusted brands for extra car lights in India. Whether you’re purchasing for commercial or personal use, this blog will prove beneficial to you.


Founded Year: 2006

Employee: 200+

Main Products: LED Headlight Bulb, Motorcycle LED Bulb, LED Car Work Light, LED Light Bar, LED Signal Lights

Features: High-Quality Products, Custom Service, Competitive Pricing, On-Time Delivery, Distributor Support

NAOEVO, a renowned manufacturer, stands out as a premier brand of top-tier car lighting accessories in India. Their extensive product range encompasses an array of high-quality offerings, from LED car headlight bulbs to motorcycle headlight bulbs and a variety of off-road LED work lights. These versatile work lights span from 4 inches to a substantial 52 inches and are available in circular and cube shapes, offering diverse beam pattern options to suit various needs.

When you choose NAOEVO, you choose quality. Their expansive in-house factory in China, spanning over 10,000 square meters, boasts a dedicated team of over 200 skilled employees, including 20 engineers committed to automotive lighting research, development, and manufacturing. This ensures that all NAOEVO’s car lighting products exhibit top-notch construction, exceptional brightness, longevity, and competitive pricing.

With 17 years of experience as pioneers in the automotive lighting industry, the brand NAOEVO goes the extra mile by offering exclusive support to those who become their distributors. If you’re engaged in the wholesale business for LED car lights, NAOEVO is the dependable partner that can empower your long-term business success.


Founded Year: 1899

Main Products: Headlights, Fog Lights, Parking Lights

Features: Leading Technology, Efficient Brightness, Quality Assured, Wide Distribution Network

Hella India Lighting Ltd.(HIL) is one of the leading global car lighting suppliers, boasts a rich history that spans over a century. This illustrious history is marked by their unwavering commitment to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge car lighting technology and electronic products for the automobile industry.

Today, the name HELLA stands as a beacon of state-of-the-art technology, outstanding reliability, and unparalleled quality. With their extensive experience in India, Hella has gained a profound understanding of drivers’ needs and challenges, enabling them to provide tailor-made products designed to meet the rigorous demands of challenging off-road conditions.

From innovative auxiliary headlamps and daytime running lights incorporating LED technology to rugged work lights and professional beacons, their offerings cater to a wide spectrum of automotive needs. Whether you seek LED lights, Xenon lights, Halogen lights, Sealed Beam Conversion Headlamps, or Modular lamps, Hella offers a comprehensive selection.

If you’re looking to elevate your driving experience and enhance your vehicle’s lighting, Hella is unquestionably your top choice for high-quality car lighting accessories in India. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology and unwavering reliability makes them a trusted partner for drivers worldwide.


Founded Year: 1906

Main Products: Headlights, Fog Lights, Parking Lights

Features: Cutting-Edge Technology, Wide Product Range, Brand Recognition

With a remarkable history spanning over a century, OSRAM has ascended to become the global leader in automotive lighting. Trusted by the world’s foremost automobile manufacturers, OSRAM is a name synonymous with excellence in the automotive lighting industry.

Their extensive range of car extra lights, which includes headlights, fog lights, signal lights, interior lighting, and state-of-the-art LED work lights, illuminates the path for half of all passenger vehicles produced worldwide.

OSRAM’s dedicated technicians and engineers continually push the boundaries of lighting technology through research and development. Their certified quality management system ensures intelligent lighting solutions and unwavering product quality.

Whether you’re seeking car extra lights or auxiliary lighting, OSRAM’s automotive solutions are poised to elevate your vehicle to a new level of brilliance.

As an innovation and technology leader, OSRAM offers the most cutting-edge solutions. Becoming an OSRAM distributor grants access to the latest products with leading technology, along with the unparalleled brand recognition that comes with the OSRAM name.


Founded Year: 1971

Main Products: Headlights, Fog Lights, Universal Lights, Indicator Lights, Tail Lights

Features: Wide Selection, High Compatibility, Rich Industry Experience

VAISHNU, a prominent name in the automotive industry since 1971, has been dedicated to delivering world-class quality automobile lighting and electrical products. Over 50 years, their journey has seen their  development from tier-1 O.E.M suppliers to becoming leaders in the aftermarket segment.

VAISHNU provides wide range of car extra lights covering headlights, fog lights, universal lights, indicator lights and tail lights. In this case, VAISHNU will be your one-stop destination for all your automotive lighting needs.

VAISHNU’s journey extends beyond borders, having had the privilege of working with some of the most significant names in the country and the world. Their products are characterized by robustness, longevity, and excellent value for money. With also exports to South Asian countries, VAISHNU is leaving global footprints and moving steadily towards becoming global market leaders in the aftermarket segment.

As a homegrown brand in India, VAISHNU understands the unique demands of the country’s diverse roads, consistently providing customer-oriented solutions. If you seek quality products to modify your car’s lighting, VAISHNU is the trusted name y1ely on for lasting quality and innovation.


Founded Year: 2012

Main Products: Headlights, Fog Lights, Parking Lights

Features: Quality Craftsmanship, Competitive Pricing, On-Time Delivery

Established in the year 2012, AllExtreme has rapidly emerged as a prominent brand in India, specializing in a diverse range of automotive auxiliary lighting solutions.

With an impressive array of products encompassing fog lights, headlights, parking lights, and more, AllExtreme has earned a reputation for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

At AllExtreme, quality is not just a virtue; it’s a way of life. The brand prides itself on offering a robust lineup of products, all meticulously crafted using top-tier materials and manufactured under the vigilant supervision of industry professionals. This dedication to excellence is evident in the durability and performance of each AllExtreme product.

Since its inception, AllExtreme has made it a mission to provide premium-quality products under the trusted brand name “AllExtreme” at the most competitive prices.

In a remarkably short span of just five years, the brand has solidified its position as one of the premier suppliers of export-quality automotive accessories. Their unparalleled range of offerings, coupled with an unwavering commitment to delivering quality products on time, has been instrumental in propelling their remarkable success and growth.

For anyone seeking top-notch automotive lighting solutions, AllExtreme stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in the Indian market.

Best Recommended Brand

The five brands mentioned above are renowned as leading auxiliary suppliers in India, offering premium products to a global customer base. If you’re uncertain about your choice, we strongly recommend considering NAOEVO. Let us explain the reasons behind our recommendation.

NAOEVO’s extensive product range ensures they can cater to diverse customer needs in India. They offer a variety of car lighting solutions with options for different wattage, color temperatures, designs, beam patterns, lengths, and shapes.

All their products are characterized by high brightness, long-lasting performance, and easy plug-and-play installation. If you’re looking to customize your car’s auxiliary lighting, NAOEVO provides a multitude of choices.

For those in search of a dependable car lighting manufacturer, NAOEVO’s diverse product selection enables swift responses to market trends and customer demands. Their range is designed to meet a wide array of automotive lighting needs.

NAOEVO has independent factory located in China, this allows them to have direct oversight of the entire production process. They can closely monitor each stage of manufacturing, and make real-time adjustments.

Besides, the NAOEVO factory has implemented automated production, and advanced machinery and equipment ensure the precision of every chip component, reducing the error rate.


Car extra lights are also called auxiliary driving lights or additional car lights. They are intended for use solely as auxiliary lighting. Car extra lights are designed to improve visibility during night time driving and inclement weather. Car auxiliary driving lights come in several main types:

1. Fog Lights

2. Spotlights

3. LED Pod Light

4. LED Light Bar

Auxiliary lights can be installed on a wide range of vehicles, including off-road vehicles like 4x4s, trucks, and SUVs, which benefit from enhanced visibility during off-road adventures. E

mergency vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, and agricultural machinery also use these lights for added safety and improved visibility in various conditions.

Additionally, boats, construction equipment, and recreational vehicles often feature auxiliary lights for navigation, work, and leisure activities.


In the realm of automotive lighting, India has seen a surge in popularity for five standout brands. These luminous stars, including Osram, Hella, NAOEVO, Philips, and AllExtreme, have illuminated the path for Indian drivers with their innovative technologies and unwavering commitment to quality.

Whether you seek reliability, innovation, or a wide range of lighting solutions, these brands have set the benchmark. They’re more than just brands; they’re beacons of excellence, guiding the way to a brighter, safer, and more efficient driving experience on the roads of India.