Shop Best Quality 9012/HIR2 LED Headlight Bulbs For Car in India

Embark on a journey of enhanced visibility and safety with our blog on the best-quality 9012 LED headlight bulbs for cars in India. Illuminating the road ahead is not just about brightness but also the clarity and reliability of your vehicle’s lighting.

In this guide, we explore the top-notch options available for 9012 LED headlight bulbs, providing insight into their features, benefits, and why they stand out in the Indian automotive market. Upgrade your driving experience and discover the optimal illumination solutions for your car with our comprehensive exploration.

Shop Quality 9012 LED Headlight Bulbs in India

Best Overall: NAOEVO P1 16800LM LED Car Bulb

First on our list is the NAOEVO P1 Series LED headlight bulb. They come with 6 pcs of 60*55 MIL high-efficient flip chips to generate an output of 140W 16800LM (Pack of Two). Besides, these P1 LED headlight bulbs are incorporated with the latest optical technology, which means they will deliver a safe cutoff light beam, increasing your visibility without dazzling other drivers. 

If you are looking for a unique 9012 LED car bulb for night driving, NAOEVO P1 LED bulb should be your top choice. The appearance of P1 is inspired by the lion, the king of the forest, which also indicates its maximal power for brightness to light up the darkness.

Top Features:

Unique and modern lion design

Die-Casting aluminum ensures efficient heat dissipation and stylish looks

Double bigger copper tubes for fast cooling

360 degree rotatable retainer ensures full illumination

Intelligent thermistor to protest the bulb from less than 1% defective rate

2 years long warranty


Lumen: 8400LM/Bulb

Wattage: 70W/Bulb

Input Voltage: DC9-16V

Operating Voltage: 13.5V

Chip: Flip Chip

Warranty: 2 Years

Best Install: AUXITO 9012 LED BULB 15000LM WIRELESS

Auxito 9012 LED headlight bulbs are designed to eliminate the hassle installation. They do not have an external driver or connector, fully all-in-one design. That’s makes the bulbs almost the same size as a halogen bulbs, thus ensuring safe light beam pattern and can be installed with the dust cover on.

The brightness is also excellent, Auxito 9012 LED lights use customized ZES chip so as to deliver an upgraded illumination of 30W 7500LM each bulb. That means you will get 300% brighter light than stock halogen.

The same lighting position as halogen bulb ensures a safe light beam. The interval of Auxito 9012 is about 0.03 inch, this ultra-thin design contributes to glare-free driving experience.

Top Features:

All-in-one design, plug-n-play easy installation

6500K white designed for better vision and aesthetics looks

Built-in cooling fan to transfer heat to ensure stable light output

Built-in intelligent IC driver, solves most computer system problems

IP65 waterproof keeps the bulb working on any bad conditions


Lumen: 7500LM/Bulb
Power: 30W/Bulb
Voltage: DC 9-30V
IP Rate: IP 65
Light Source: ZES Chip
Color Temp: 6500K Xenon White
Operating Temp:-40℉~+176℉
Body Material: Aluminum 6063

Best Energy Efficient: Blaupunkt V19 PRO 9012 LED Headlamp

Blaupunkt V19 PRO LED Headlamps are energy efficient and last longer. With a color temperature of 6,000K and a very compact design, Blaupunkt V19Pro LED Lighting provide an easy solution to upgrade car headlights with Cool White LED light with far superior brightness levels.

Designed to fit various car models, the V19 PRO LED bulbs are available for conventional holders like H1, H7, H4/H19, 9005, 9006, H8/H16/H11, and H27.

Incorporating the latest LED innovations, the Blaupunkt V19 PRO features a high power output of 110 watts This intense brightness, coupled with uniform light distribution, significantly enhances overall visibility. With clearer vision, drivers can identify obstacles earlier, allowing for proactive and preventive actions on the road.

Top Features:

Blaupunkt V19 PROLED headlights consume less power than traditional halogen headlights, making them more energy-efficient and eco-friendly

6000 Kelvin enhance visibility and contribute to a modern, stylish lighting experience.

Compact design ensures a hassle-free installation process

2 years long warranty


Power: 55W/Bulb
Lumens: 5500LM/Bulb
Voltage: DC 12V
Chip: Advanced High end Chipset
Color Temperature: 6000 Kelvin
Lamp Material: Aluminum Alloy Material
Warranty: 24 months Warranty

Best 3-Color: NAOEVO S4 Pro LED Headlight Bulb

Most of the 9012 LED bulb is designed to provide 6500K white, however, NAOEVO S4 Pro LED headlight bulbs come with 3 color – 6500K white, 4300K warm white, 3000K yellow, which will extremely provide an increased visibility in all weather conditions such as rainy, foggy, snowy day. They also has a warning flash mode, helping you to be alerted in an emergency situation.

Besides, the S4 Pro 9012 LED bulbs are almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen. Their smaller size allows for a universal fit in various car models, providing versatility in application. What’s more, the same lighting position as halogen ensure a perfect light beam pattern without causing glare to others

The ultra-slim copper substrate and high speed fan contribute to an effective cooling, prolonging its lifespan up to 30,000 hrs.

Top Features:

3 Color changing and flashing mode for different driving conditions

Mini design for easy installation

Perfect light beam pattern for night driving

6063 aluminum and high speed fan for faster cooling

External Canbus driver compatible with 98% of vehicles

2 years warranty


Power: 30W/Bulb
Lumens: 3600LM/Bulb
Color: 6500K/4300K/3000K
Voltage: DC9- 16V
Chip: Flip Chip
Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

Everything About 9012/HIR Car Bulb

9012 Bulb Specification

[9012 Halogen Bulb]

The brightness of a bulb is quantified in lumens, and a standard 9012 halogen headlight bulb typically emits approximately 1700 lumens. In regard to power consumption, a regular 9012 bulb consumes 55 watts.

The lifespan of a typical 9012 bulb is approximately 700 hours before requiring replacement. It’s important to note that actual performance may vary among manufacturers, but these figures provide a general overview of what one can anticipate from this prevalent type of headlight bulb.

Is 9012 Bulb High Beam Or Low Beam?

The 9012 bulb has a P22d base and is typically used in low beam applications. However, It ultimately depends on your car manufacturer.

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