India’s Best Car & Truck LED Lights Supplier, Manufacturer

One of the world’s best-selling markets for automotive LED headlights, India has always been a leader in the automotive LED light industry. There are countless aftermarket car & truck light manufacturers and suppliers working hard to meet people’s increasing desire for high-quality products.

If you want to startup your business of automotive lighting, it is crucial to choose a reliable supplier or manufacturer as your partner so that they can continuous provide you the quality products to boost your business.

In this blog, we will discuss India’s top car & truck LED lights supplier and manufacturers who have made a name for themselves in the global market.


NAOEVO is one of the largest automotive LED headlight manufacturers in India and also holds a prominent position in the global market. Founded in 2006, for 17 years, they have focused on the development and production of LED headlights. Besides you will enjoy a wide selection in NAOEVO, spanning from low to high power, die-cast and aluminum models.

Feature quality car LED lights, and best after-sales service, the company has a strong presence in the Indian market and has also expanded its operations to the international market.

What set NAOEVO from other suppliers is that NAOEVO has an independent factory. It means that they can provide products customization and ensure highest quality standard. Besides, it is a good chance for customers to communicate with the manufacturer directly without the middleman, it is also available to obtain a lower factory wholesale price from NAOEVO.

Notable Features of NAOEVO:

Excellent products quality, low MOQ

New products in every season, cater to the India’s changing market

Independent research and development apartment

Exclusive support for distributors

In-depth knowledge of Indian automotive lighting market

Why We Picked This LED Car Light Supplier?

NAOEVO LED headlights are of the highest quality especially in the materials, brightness, beam pattern, durability, and appearance design.

NAOEVO offer exclusive support for its distributor.

NAOEVO’s Hot-Selling LED Car Bulbs in India

NG LED Headlight Eagle Design 21600LM

S4 Pro Three Color Changing LED Headlights


Phoenix Automotive, as pioneers in LED automotive lamps, proudly holds the coveted position of the No.1 player in India, boasting a diverse product range comprising over 200 different types.

The company’s commitment to excellence is underscored by certifications including ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007, serving as a testament to the superior quality of their products.

Recognizing the surging demand for automotive lighting in India, Phoenix has strategically established three technologically advanced manufacturing units in India. These facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities for quality inspection, calibration, and cutting-edge research and development.

With an annual production capacity exceeding 87 million lamps from two advanced plants in Noida, Phoenix Automotive has earned the distinction of being the largest OEM manufacturer of car LED headlamps. Grounded in a commitment to quality, technological innovation, and global client satisfaction, the company aspires to be the premier player in the lighting industry, offering a comprehensive product range that sets industry standards.

Notable Features of PHOENIX:

Diverse Product Range

Quality Certifications

Technological Advancement

Global Reach

Why We Picked This LED Car Light Supplier?

As a local brand of automotive headlamp in India, PHOENIX ensures easier communication, faster response times, and simplified logistics. The company excels in meeting evolving customer requirements with expertise and adheres to a robust and diligent process throughout the development journey.

PHOENIX’s Hot-Selling Car Light Bulbs in India

PHOENIX HS1 White LED Bulb For Motorcycle

Roots Automotives

Roots Automotives stands as India’s premier automotive headlight manufacturer, dedicated to providing a diverse range of high-quality products, earning a reputation as a trusted and reliable industry leader. Committed to enhancing every vehicle’s brilliance, Roots Automotives specializes in producing top-notch headlight bulbs and auto lights crafted from premium materials using state-of-the-art machinery.

As the largest manufacturer and exporter of automotive headlights in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, Roots Automotives boasts over 50 years of expertise in the manufacturing sector. The company’s expansive product portfolio includes automotive horns, automotive batteries, two-wheeler brake shoes, and two-wheeler engine oils, all crafted with precision and excellence.

With a technologically advanced manufacturing unit based in Coimbatore, India, Roots Automotives leverages cutting-edge infrastructure facilities for large-scale production. Their highly skilled professionals ensure rigorous quality testing, making Roots Automotives a trusted choice for automotive lighting solutions.

Notable Features of PHOENIX:

Diverse Product Portfolio

Export Capabilities

Quality Assurance

Wide Product Range

Why We Picked This LED Car Light Supplier?

As India’s leading automotive headlight manufacturer, Roots Automotives holds a prominent position in the industry, signifying expertise and reliability. With over 50 years in the manufacturing industry, Roots Automotives brings a wealth of experience, ensuring a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer requirements.

ROOTS AUTOMOTIVES Hot-Selling Car Light Bulbs in India

Roots H4 LED Lamps


Luxmax Automotive, a division of the esteemed D.K. Jain Group, shines as a key player in the Indian Automobile Lighting Business. As part of Lumax Industries, a publicly listed company, Luxmax offers premium automotive lighting solutions for four-wheelers, two-wheelers, and commercial vehicles.

With a remarkable 60% market share in the Indian Automobile Lighting Business, Luxmax is recognized for its commitment to customer satisfaction. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. D.K. Jain, the company fosters cost-effective processes and operational efficiency. With state-of-the-art manufacturing units across India and strategic collaborations with global leaders like Stanley and SL Corporation, Luxmax Automotive stands as one of the trusted car LED light suppliers in India.

Notable Features of LUMAX:

Rich Experience in Automotive Lighting

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Cutting-edge Technology And Innovation in Products

Why We Picked This LED Car Light Supplier?
Lumax Industries emerges as our preferred supplier due to its distinguished brand recognition and commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation. With a legacy dating back to 1945, Lumax is a market leader, holding over 60% market share in Indian Automobile Lighting.

Lumax Hot-Selling Car Light Bulbs in India

Lumax Tri color 76W LED H4 Headlamp

The Car LED Headlamps Market Trends

LED headlights use LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) as the light source, which are semiconductor devices that emit light when an electric current passes through. LEDs offer high brightness, efficiency, and quick response, providing brighter and more uniform illumination.

With increasing government requirements for fuel efficiency and reduced energy consumption in vehicles, manufacturers prefer energy-efficient LED headlights. Ongoing advancements in LED technology enhance brightness, extend lifespan, and improve reliability, attracting consumer attention. The superior illumination provided by LED headlights contributes to driving safety, gaining favor from both governments and consumers.

The automotive LED headlight market has shown a rapid growth trend in the past few years, and it is expected that by 2027, the global automotive LED headlight market will reach billions of dollars.

The automotive LED headlight market has a large demand worldwide. Asia Pacific is currently the largest market, with emerging economies such as China and India playing a major role in the market growth. In addition, developed regions such as North America and Europe are also important markets.

The Asia-Pacific is one of the largest regions in the global automotive LED headlight market. Countries such as China, Japan and South Korea are developing very rapidly in the region. China is the world’s largest automobile market, and automobile manufacturers’ widespread adoption of automotive LED headlights in the Chinese market has driven market growth in the region.

North America is also one of the important regions in the automotive LED headlight market. Countries such as the United States and Canada are relatively mature in this region. Automobile manufacturers and lighting equipment suppliers in North America have a high level of technology in the research and development and application of automotive LED headlight bulbs.

The European is one of the important regions in the automotive LED headlight market. Countries such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom have prominent developments in this region. Automobile manufacturers in Europe focus on the innovation and development of automotive lighting technology, driving the growth of the automotive LED headlight bulb market.

The automotive LED headlight market in Latin America is also gradually developing. Countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina have experienced significant market growth in this region. As the region’s economy develops and car sales increase, the automotive LED headlight bulb market is expected to expand further.

The automotive LED headlight market in the Middle East and Africa is relatively small, but it is also gradually developing. Countries such as the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Egypt have achieved outstanding market growth in this region. With the economic development of the region and the rise of the automotive industry, the automotive LED lighting market is expected to gain more opportunities.


In conclusion, India’s car and truck LED lights market thrives with diverse and high-quality offerings. As the demand for efficient and innovative lighting solutions rises, leading manufacturers, such as NAOEVO, Lumax Industries, and Roots Automotives, stand out.

With a commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and a wide product range, these suppliers contribute significantly to the automotive lighting landscape, making them reliable choices for consumers.