H1 LED bulb in India

Top 5 Quality H1 Car LED Bulbs in India

Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting with LED headlight bulbs is a favored choice for Indian’s drivers. Boosting high light efficiency, a long lifespan, and a stylish appearance, they significantly enhance your car’s aesthetic look.


When you surf the Internet, it’s easy to see that there are plenty of recommendation for H4, H7, or 9005 LED bulb for car, while the introduction of H1 LED bulb is very rare. That’s why we make this blog.


There are so many brands flooding India’s automotive lighting market, making it difficult to identify which are the quality H1 LED headlight bulbs.


In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive explanation about H1 LED bulbs in India and a list of the top 5 quality H1 LED bulbs that you can purchase in India. Let’s continue reading.

Before diving into the top picks, let’s explore the H1 car bulb. How does it differ from H7 or H4 headlight bulbs?

In contrast to traditional halogen bulbs like H7 and H4, the H1 exhibits a longer, thinner profile with single connector plug and a P14.5 base.

H1 bulbs are single-beam and commonly used for high beam in some modern vehicles, while H7 bulbs are usually designed for low beam.

The H1 headlight assembly features a compact space, so the size of H1 LED retrofit bulb should be strictly controlled.

Top 5 Best H1 LED Bulb For Car In India

Considering an upgrade from your car’s original H1 halogen bulb to LEDs? Discover the top 5 H1 LED bulbs in India. They deliver premium brightness, lasting for a longer lifespan, and highly compatible with most popular vehicles in India.

nighteye h1 led

Nighteye is considered as one of the most popular brands for automotive lighting in India. Their products are favoured by Indian customers thanks to acceptable price, high brightness, stylish appearance, and convenient distribute network. If you are looking for best-budget H1 LED bulb to replace your OEM bulbs, we will highly recommend this Nighteye A315 Series H1 LED bulbs.


These H1 bulbs are equipped with Bridgelux COB LED Chips, this make it possible to reach a high power of 72W 9000LM per set. They also come with 360-degree adjustable mounting collar, allowing for full and focused beam pattern for improved visibility.

Nighteye review

For high compatibility, NIGHTEYE has made improvements on Canbus decoder and the chip inside the driver. In this case they are highly adapted to some popular vehicles in India such as Honda, Toyota, Ford, Audi, Chevy, Volkswagen, Dodge, Nissan, Kia.


The robust aluminum alloy shell and high-powered 12000 rpm cooling fan, operating with minimal noise, deliver effective cooling airflow. This ensures that the NIGHTEYE LED H1 headlight bulb receives enhanced protection and performance in heat dissipation.


Bulb Model: H1

Light Source: Bridgelux COB LED Chips

Wattage: 72W/Set (36W/Each)

Lumen: 9000LM/Set (4500LM/Each)

Color: 6500K White

Voltage: DC9V-32V

Certifications: CE, RoHs

Guarantee: 3 Years

blaupunkt H1 LED

Blaupunkt, a leading brand in India, offers high-quality car lighting to personalize your vehicle. The V19 Pro LEDs are crafted as one of the quality H1 LED bulbs, enhancing visibility to ensure your safety during nighttime driving.

With 110W and 5500LM, along with a color temperature of 6000K, these bulbs not only enhance visibility for clearer and extended night vision but also maintain a wattage closely resembling the OEM H1 bulb. This design helps alleviate electrical and wiring pressure in your car.

The IP68 waterproof and heat-protected LED chip enable the H1 LED bulb operate normally in all weather conditions.  

The original H1 LED bulbs are likely to get dim after a long-term use. Blaupunkt V19 Pro LED headlight bulbs come with high-speed mute fan and 6063 aluminum to dissipate the heat faster, achieving 40% cooler than other inferior H1 LED bulbs. This cooling technology is conductive to an extended long lifespan of about 30,000 hrs.

Moreover, Blaupunkt V19 LED headlight bulbs are compact design, making 15 minutes easy installation for replacing your stock H1 halogen bulbs.  


Bulb Model: H1

Wattage: 110W/Set (55W/Each)

Lumen: 5500LM/Set (2750LM/Each)

Color: 6500K White

Voltage: DC9V-32V

Certifications: CE, RoHs

Guarantee: 3 Years

Allextreme H1 LED headlight bulb

This Allextreme H1 LED headlight provides energy-efficient and precise illumination with minimal power consumption. The focused light beam from the ultra-thin chip addresses the issue of uneven focusing, ensuring there is no glare or blinding light for oncoming traffic.


Equipped with Cree Chip, Allextreme Q15 H1 LED headlight bulbs are capable of providing an illumination of 150W 22000LM per set. Due to the clarity provided by the H1 LED bulb enabling you to see signs and obstacles well in advance, you can drive with increased confidence during nighttime.


You may enjoy the 6500K stylish cool white of these H1 LED bulbs, but their beam pattern should be improved in some way for the sake of safety.


With its temperature control driver, this Allextreme H1 LED headlight is perfect for long-term use, as it remains unaffected by heating. The remarkable cooling capability ensures reliable performance even in challenging conditions.


They water-resistant design ensures optimal performance even in adverse weather conditions. Rest assured, the Allextreme H1 headlamp excels in various situations, eliminating concerns about its functionality during heavy rain or snowfall.


Bulb Model: H1

Wattage: 150W/Set (75W/Each)

Lumen: 22,000LM/Set (11,000LM/Each)

Color: 6500K White

Voltage: DC9V-16V

Guarantee: 1 Year

Osram H1 LED

Osram stands out as a globally recognized brand in automotive lighting solutions. Renowned worldwide, their headlight products, particularly the LEDriving H1 LED headlight bulb, enjoy significant popularity in India.


Osram boasts cutting-edge LED technology, and the LEDriving H1 LED lamp exemplifies their high-tech expertise. Despite each H1 LED bulb having only 14W and 1300LM, they achieve a higher lux rating compared to other H1 LED bulbs. This higher lux rating signifies a more concentrated and efficient illumination in the designated area.


Bulb Model: H1

Wattage: 28W/Set (14W/Each)

Lumen: 2600LM/Set (1300LM/Each)

Color: 6000K White

Voltage: DC12V-24V

Guarantee: 3 Years


NAOEVO is a reliable manufacturer who has been in the automotive lighting industry for 17 years. If you’re looking for a quality H1 LED bulb for car in a affordable price, the NAOEVO NG LED bulb should be your first choice. For wholesalers or distributors in India, NAOEVO will also provide the best competitive price for a large scale purchase.  


The latest technology of NAOEVO enables these NG H1 LED bulbs to provide a superior brightness of 180W 21600LM per set. Even after using for several hours, they still remain 85% of the illumination, without the issue of light decay.


The beam pattern is also excellent, they have a high performance in both reflector and projector. Drivers will enjoy a broad and uniform beam pattern with a well-define cutoff to reduce the glare light from oncoming traffic.  


High-power H1 LED bulb should have an efficient cooling methods to extend their lifespan, so does NG H1 LED bulbs. They come with bigger copper heat pipe to transfer 30W of heat while others only can transfer 10W. Besides, they come with 12000RPM high speed fan, ensuring 2-3 times faster cooling.


NG H1 LED headlight bulb come with an external driver, which is designed for Canbus decoder and maintaining a stable current and voltage. It’s assured that they are compatible with 98% of vehicles in the market.


They also called NG LED bulb Mr. Eagle, as the design is inspired by eagle, meaning strong power and crisp visual at night.


Bulb Model: H1

Wattage: 180W/Set (90W/Each)

Lumen: 21,600LM/Set (18,000LM/Each)

Color: 6500K White

Voltage: DC9V-16V

Warranty: 2 Years


The above are considered as the quality H1 LED headlight bulbs in India thanks to their efficient brightness, long lifespan, stylish design, and quality construction. Their prices range from high to low. However, if you want to choose an affordable and high-quality H1 LED light, then we will highly recommend the NAOEVO NG H1 LED light, as they deliver sufficient brightness, excellent beam pattern and unique eagle design.


8th gen Honda Civic

9th gen Honda Accord

3rd gen Subaru Outback

2nd gen Toyota CR-V

Volkswagen New Beetle

02 – 06 Acura RSX

05 – 08 Audi A6

03 Audi A8

03 – 06 Dodge Sprinter

13 – 14 Ford C-Max

05 – 06 Honda CR-V

03 – 05 Infiniti G35

03 – 06 Jaguar XKR


In conclusion, selecting the right H1 LED bulb is crucial for optimal visibility and safety on the roads. Our top 5 picks for quality H1 car LED bulbs in India, accompanied by images and reviews, provide a comprehensive guide for making an informed choice. Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting with these reliable options, ensuring a brighter and safer driving experience.