Discover NAOEVO’s Latest LED Car Lights at Canton Fair 2023

The 134th Autumn Canton Fair in 2023 was successfully held in Guangzhou, China. NAOEVO enthusiastically joined the exhibition, presenting its cutting-edge automotive lighting products and solutions. This exhibition showcases NAOEVO’s commitment to displaying its ambition in the automotive lighting sector and extending its presence in the global market.

On the first day of the Canton Fair, NAOEVO’s booth became a focal point, drawing the attention of numerous domestic and international visitors.

During the exhibition, NAOEVO showcased its latest research and development in automotive LED lighting. These products, known for their high brightness, stable power, unique design, and efficient heat dissipation, piqued the widespread interest of the attendees.

The 2023 Canton Fair provided NAOEVO with an ideal platform to unveil their latest innovations in LED car lights. Let’s dive into the key highlights of their offerings that captivated the attention of fair attendees.


NAOEVO is a renowned manufacturer of automotive lighting in China. For 17 years, they have been dedicated to exporting best-in-class car lighting products for all over the world especially in USA, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, the factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meter with state-of-the-art equipment and over 20 experienced engineers and technicians who ensure that every product in the market has the latest technology and design. The strong factory productivity allows us to supply more than 2.5 million kits of LED headlight bulbs per year and maintain more than 10,000 kits of finished-products in stock for fast delivery.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence and reliability, and have partnered with more than 40 distributors around the globe to ensure that our products are available to customers everywhere. We are proud to work with these distributors, and we are always looking for new distributors with businesses that share our values.


NAOEVO’s preparations for the exhibition began months in advance. They meticulously selected and designed an attention-grabbing booth, while also creating effective testing equipment to vividly showcase the power of their LED car lights to customers. This dedication extended not only to NAOEVO but also to their longstanding global partners who eagerly anticipated this event.

“Just one month ago, numerous customers reached out to us, seeking assistance with invitation letters, streamlining the visa application process for their participation in the Canton Fair in China” mentioned the salesperson of NAOEVO

Besides, NAOEVO also brought our top sales and marketing tram members to the event, ensuring that they were well-prepared to showcase our latest products in 2023 and engage with attendees.

The Highlight of The Exhibition

In the exhibition, NAOEVO showcased some of their most competitive new LED headlight bulbs in 2023 such as P1, S3MAX, NH, NW, V03, X50 etc,. which are designed to deliver ultra-high brightness with excellent light beam pattern and unique design.

Customers and visitors show much affection for these products, with NAOEVO’s bulbs incorporating advanced materials that maximized efficiency, brightness, and longevity.

The Latest Technology of LED Headlight

1. Optical Advancement: NAOEVO’s cutting-edge technology, including patented chip arrangement and in-house LED chip research and development, guarantees our LED headlight bulbs provide a superior high brightness which can be reach to 130W each bulb, and the beam pattern is safe for nighttime driving.

2. Heat Management: Many of the LED car lights showcased at the exhibition feature state-of-the-art cooling technology, including Copper Heat Pipe. This innovative design facilitates the transfer of 20 to 40 watts of heat per cycle, resulting in cooling speeds 2 to 4 times faster than conventional bulbs.

3. Canbus System: Canbus technology enables seamless integration of LED headlight bulbs with the vehicle’s electrical system. It helps prevent flickering, error messages, or other compatibility issues that may arise due to the difference in electrical characteristics.

4. Durability & Resistance: NAOEVO’s LED headlight bulbs incorporate durable materials and sealing techniques to withstand various environmental conditions, including moisture, dust, and vibration.

The Latest Products in The Show

Mr. Lion – P1 LED Bulb

[Mr. Lion – P1 LED Headlight 140W 16800LM]

The stylish lion design of P1 LED headlight bulbs has attracted many customer to stop and gaze. What sets the P1 LED bulb apart from other new products is its die-casting design, which means the components are more durable, and offering a great corrosion resistance.

The lion, commonly known as the ‘king of the jungle,’ symbolizes strength and courage. Similarly, the P1 LED bulb exudes powerful performance, boasting 140W and 16,800LM per set. Its modern crown-like design on the lamp body suggests that the P1 LED bulb reigns as the king of brightness on dimly lit roads.

Mr. Elephant – NH LED Bulb

[Mr. ELEPHANT – NH LED Headlight 220W 31200LM]

The NH LED car bulb is considered as the brightest LED headlight bulb in the exhibition. Equipped with strong 6pcs 60*75mil flip chip, these bulbs are able to deliver an amazing illumination of 260W 31200LM per set. Just as its name, the design of NH LED bulb is inspired by elephants, conveying the quality of strength, wisom, and longevity.

At the exhibition, we used our demo testing box to showcase the exceptional lightingg performance of NH LED headlight bulbs, many attendees were astonished by the bulbs’ ability to maintain stable lumen and wattage even after extended use.

During this fair, we have recieved about 300 customers and bring back their name cards and requirements. Among these customers, most of them are suppliers and wholesalers especially from India, who are particularly interested in P1 LED Bulb (Mr. Lion) and NH (Elephant Design) LED bulb for car.

“The NH has incredible brightness, these high lumen car lighting products are popular in India. I think these they will become one of the bestsellers in our country” a visitor from India exclaimed.

“We’ve already worked with NAOEVO, but we finally got to see their products in person at Canton Fair. We were very impressed with the range of the LED headlight bulbs that NAOEVO offers.” stated by a customer from Russia.

Mr. Owl – NW LED Bulb

[Mr. OWL – NW LED Headlight 220W 26400LM]

The NW is another high-power LED car lights among our latest products. Equipped with high intensity 60*75MIL flip chip, these bulbs are capable of delivering a power of 220W 26400LM, which is 500% brighter than original halogen bulb.

Furthermore, the NW LED headlights have successfully completed optics testing, ensuring they provide exceptional brightness while maintaining a secure light beam pattern.

S3MAX Series LED Bulb

[S3MAX LED Headlight 90W 10000LM]

The S3MAX LED bulb represents an updated version of the Mini S3 LED headlight bulb. In comparison, the old S3 LED headlights offered 30W and 3600LM per bulb, whereas the new S3MAX showcases significant improvements, particularly in brightness, with an upgrade to 45W and 5000LM per bulb.

The S3MAX LED bulb not only boasts enhanced brightness but also features a more alluring and high-end appearance while retaining its compact design. If you’re seeking an effortlessly installed, high-brightness LED car bulb, the new S3MAX version is your optimal choice.

More Products on Displayed At Exhibition

Our spotlight at the show was on these latest LED lights. NAOEVO achieved a significant leap in brightness and heat dissipation, all while ensuring a safe and flawless light pattern. 

Alongside the mentioned products, NAOEVO also showcased NG,NL, NR, NT, V05, Max3, ND, GT6 LED lights and more at the exhibition. These established products consistently meet market demand and have garnered favorable global customer feedback.

First Day Triumph: Abundant Harvest at the Exhibition

During the exhibition, many customers were impressed with our products and were willing to take samples for further testing. Some of customers were so impressed that they decided to place an order on the spot.

It was great to see such positive responses to our products and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our products’ quality and performance. Our team was on hand to answer any questions that customers had and to provide them with the information they needed to make informed purchasing decisions. Overall, it was a successful day at the exhibition, and we look forward to continuing to meet with customers and share our products with them.

A Successful Conclusion

The 5-day exhibition is the key for us to enhance the relationship with our existing and new customers. It also holds immense importance as a platform for customers to learn about our latest innovations & technologies, exclusive supports and services.

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, in the future, NAOEVO will continue to be a leader in the automotive lighting industry, showcasing the latest advancements and shocking the next wave of LED headlight bulb innovation.

As a manufacturer, NAOEVO always focuses on LED headlight bulb research and development and innovation. So we participated in many automotive lights fair at home and abroad to collect various market demand information, in order to better optimize the product and maximize the satisfaction of customer needs in different countries and regions.

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